East Jerusalem should be the capital of Palestine

"No state recognizes the Israeli occupation and annexation of East Jerusalem," said Menachem Klein.

07 Mei 2017 10:41

A heavy blow hit Israel on last Tuesday as the Zionist country celebrated the 69th anniversary of their establishment. A resolution adopted by UNESCO denied Israeli claim on all part of Jerusalem.

The UN cultural organization indicates that legally and historically Jews and Jewish have no connection with Jerusalem.

Israeli leaders response angrily and say that resolution is biased and shameful.

Dr Menachem Klein, professor of political science at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, emphasizes that East Jerusalem should be the capital of Palestine. "No state recognizes the Israeli occupation and annexation of East Jerusalem," he said during the interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co via WhatsApp on Friday this week.


What is the cost for Israel caused by the latest UNESCO resolution that refused the Israeli claim on Jerusalem?

Not much, loosing few points in international public opinion. The resolution opposes Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem. Many of the same or similar content were accepted in the last 50 years. None of them stopped Israel.

Do you mean that Israel will never feel guilty with such resolution?

Unfortunately you are right. The present government wats UNESCO and the occupation critics to feel guilty.

According to you, why is UNESCO currently anti-Israel?

UNESCO resolutions are not against Israeli existence but against its illegal occupation. No state recognizes the Israeli occupation and annexation of East Jerusalem. Indded it was an Israeli propaganda to describe earlier UNESCO resolution as anti jewish.

But the latest resolution refused Israeli claim on all parts of Jerusalem?

UNESCO has no say or interest on any area that it is not registered as a world heritage. Only the Old City and few areas near it are registered.

How the Israeli government should react against the latest resolution?

In my view...to welcome UNESCO, care and cooperate with the organization in prtecting world heritage sites. Israel must cooperatealso with Arab dan muslim states based on accepting that not only Jews are deeply attached to Jerusalem. And they should have a day on the city.

Do you think the resolution can be another basis that east Jerusalem should be the capital of Palestine?

It has no political view on the political solution. The resolution is against the occupation acting to change world heritage sites in favour of the occupation and to advance the illegal annexation.

But do you agree that east Jerusalem ahould be the capital of Palestine?


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