Dreams of a Gaza girl

I always wanted to try an experiences that give me a chance to see the world and meet new people and exchange knowledge in real not through social media only.

06 April 2015 03:05

My name is Nur Khalid al-Ghusain, 19 years old, from Gaza City – Palestine. I am studying business administration at the Islamic University of Gaza, interested in women rights field, businesses, history, meeting new people from different cultures, adventures, and art.

I am active on social media specially on Twitter and am always tweeting about different cultures, social issues, human rights, and the Palestinian case. I have close friends on social media from India, France, West Bank, Jordan, and  south Africa whom I wish to meet them on the ground.

Am so active in my community in the other hand I am the youngest daughter. I have a good, strong, and independent personality. I have friends everywhere and everyone loves me because I always make people laugh and loves how I think at the same time and how I keep working on myself and trying to be stronger for my future and for making my parents proud of me always.

I always care about participating in programs to improve myself. Representing my country and helping our world always interested. I've mastered trainings about women rights for one year 2012-2013 till I have been selected in summer 2013 in Girls for Change program which it has been funded by the Canadian Nelly Furtado and Save the Children organization to represent the Palestinian girls in Kenya – South Africa to volunteer and help the children there.

To show the world that the women can make a better change in the world even if they are living under the occupation and the siege, I got the visa but I couldn't make it because of the political problems on Rafah border in Gaza, but in a city with a lack of opportunities I didn't give up. So, I am participating in several programs in Gaza which talks about human rights and human with special needs.

In summer 2014 I applied to participate in a conference about Women2Women program in Harvard University of USA. I was the only girl who is selected to make the interview but I couldn't make it also because of the war. But it is okay, none can stands on his foots without falling many times at the beginning.

I always wanted to try an experiences that give me a chance to see the world and meet new people and exchange knowledge in real not through social media only. As my mother says, "Dreams existed to come true."

And I have a dream of becoming an effective person in my society one day, for a good and an independent future away from wars and political problems, because we had enough. We have been suffered since 1948 started with my grandfather when he evacuated from his homeland and become a refugee in Gaza since that time. Then my father he keeps telling us about those days during the Intifada, then we grew up to suffer from wars and the Israeli bombs falling over our heads.

I have seen the death several times in my eyes and felt the more painful feelings of pain, evacuated several times from our home because we live in northwest Gaza and this is a dangerous area within the wars. If we want to talk about it now I need for southlands papers, but shortly seriously we need to live.

Because of all that I have been always looking for a scholarship after my high school to study outside Gaza and to get a good education away from all kinds of problems that our community is facing it. But for now my plans for my future first of all is to end my bachelor degree then to get a master degree, then to work on my position in my society.

I love playing basketball, swimming, driving a bicycle, skydiving, jumping from a mount into the sea, camping, and trying the most scarriest games in the world like a dreams for me. I love adventures.

Well at the end I am a normal Palestinian girl who follows the humanity and peace, looking for good future, have a dreams and goals needs to be achieved.

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