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Two alternative solutions for Jerusalem

The sovereignty would be divided in such a way that the Temple Mount would be under full Palestinian sovereignty and the prayer area of the Western Wall would be under Israeli sovereignty.

06 Maret 2016 09:05

Dreams of a Gaza girl

I always wanted to try an experiences that give me a chance to see the world and meet new people and exchange knowledge in real not through social media only.

06 April 2015 10:05


Menakar kestabilan Arab Saudi

Para pembangkang Saudi makin berani tampil terbuka setelah Khashoggi dihabisi

15 Februari 2019
Fulus Kabah goyang Mullah
16 Januari 2019
Harap Rahaf
07 Januari 2019


This revolution driven by the demands of the Sudanese people

"It is always the right time to claim your freedom and dignity," said one of the leader of the opposition group.

19 Januari 2019