The whole world is abandoning Syrians

"We can not lose hope because we are fighting on our land. This is our land we are defending," said Rami Adham.

18 Desember 2016 07:55

The current situation in Aleppo, especially in eastern side of Aleppo, has got a huge intention around the world because of humanitarian crisis is happening there. Because the truce to give a line of evacuation for rebels and civilians moving out of eastern part of Aleppo is broken.  

The Syrian regime forces backed by the Russian and militias resume their airstrikes to liberate a while Aleppo. On last Tuesday, they claimed a victory after retaked eastern part of Aleppo after bombed and besieged for around six months.

Rami Adham, the founder of Sumo Syyria Relief, a humanitarian organisation he has established and based in Finland, has also concerned about the misery in Aleppo. "Living on the siege for the past five months. No electicity, no water, no medicine, no hospital, everything is bombed," he said in an exclusive interview via WhatsApp with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co last Friday.

He has left his homeland for 28 years but he never forget his beloved Syria, especially since the war started in that country five years ago.

Rami Adham, 43 year-old, has been living in Finland since 1988. He is so concerned with the humanitarian crisis faced by the Syrian civilians, children in particularly.  

So disrupted and very care on Syrian kids, Adham, father of six children, initiated his first humanitarian trip to Syria in 2012. In the first trip, he delivered around 80 toys for Syrian children in a refugee camp.
Because of his aid to deliver toys for the Syrian kids in refugee camps inside Syria, he has already got a nickname "the toy smuggler of Aleppo. "Ever since that trip, I travel to Syria every two months. Every time I go there I have 600 to 800 toys with me that I can deliver," Adham on his first interview with Albalad.co in last July.


How misery the current situation in Aleppo, especially in the eastern side?

The situation is really really bad. What can be you expected? Part of Aleppo was bombarded continuously and relentlessly in the past year. Living on the siege for the past five months. No electicity, no water, no medicine, no hospital, everything is bombed.

So the situation can be any bad right now, can be any worse. In the last couple days people have been evacuated and now Russian defense minister announces they stopped of evacuation process and resuming airstrikes on the east part of Aleppo. As they say so-called to continue liberating Aleppo. This means a massacre, a genocide for the rest of the people live in Aleppo.

When did you travel to Aleppo for last time?

Now it is two months ago when I was in south part of Aleppo.

You said there is no communication in east part of Aleppo. How do you get updates about situation there?

There are still some people inside who have satellite Internet. I do contact them and talk to them everyday, one in the morning and ne in the night time.

Is it true some reports said women and girls in east part of Aleppo requested to be killed to avoid to be raped by regime forces and militias pro government?

Yes, that is true. Unfortunately, we heard  a couple cases that some women jumped over high building committed suicide. Because they know there is no man to protect them. All their men are lost in battle and they were lived alone, and they were afraid to be raped. Yes, I have heard this thing and I have heard  a couple cases that are confirmed.   

The last reports said rebels already surrendered and Syrian government has agreed to give a line of evacuation for them and civilians. Why the truce is broken?

The truce is broken because Shia militias fighters among the Assad regime held areas backed by Iran. They want to break or also get an advantage of this situation by releasing Shia civilians from Farian Fuad, a village close to Idlib city.

It has been sieged also for the past couple years, but it is out of the negotiation terms. They want to force their new criteria or their new condition on this situation. So, the truce is broken because of that situation.

Now, when they have released thousands of civilians coming out like 3-4 thousands civilians from east part of Aleppo, they resumed fightings in the rest of remaining part of east Aleppo.

How many rebels group already surrendered? Why they do not surrender?

As far as I know there is about 600 rebels left with their families but not more than that. Why they do not surrender? Why do you want to give their country to the Shia foreign fighters who are planning to occupy the country? First of all, they have not enough time to evacuate and they are going to surrender to be killed.

How about ISIS and Al-Qaidah. Did they surrender also?

There is no ISIS and there is no Al-Qaidah in Aleppo.

Do you blame Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and the United States have drwan their supports to rebels?

Of course, I don't only blame those countries. I blame the whole wide world for abandoning Syrians (Rami Adham taking a breath), since Syrians do not want anything in the first place, just living in free country, free from corruption, free from apprehension, free from dictatorship. All we want is that and now we are deprived from our own country, our own city.

Based on current situation, do you think the Syrian regime on their track of victory?

No, absolutely not. I do not think so. Eastern part of Aleppo that they have recently regained or retaked, this only represents 1.6 percents of all Syria.  So, the Assad regime up to this day, they do not control Syria more than 34 percents. There is stil 65 percents of Syria is out of Syrian regime control.

So, losing eastern part of Aleppo this not mean in anyway of shape of form that Syrians lost the whole battle. Yes, we have lost a round of a battle and many rounds to come. But we have to see how the opposition now or the rebels will collect themselves and start organize and start work on the offensive side.    

But the rebels seemed lost their hope since Russia launched military actions a year ago?

That is not true. I don't know why do you get feeling the rebels lost hope. We can not lose hope because we are fighting on our land. This is our land we are defending. We are not somewhere thousands of miles away fighting for some other people's cause. This is our cause, this is our land, this our freedom.And the end of the day, this is our life. This is our future as well.

But do you believe there is still a hope to topple Assad since Donald Trump, who admires Rusiian Presiden Vladimir Putin, have won the US Presidential election?

Of course I do my friend. We are the people of this country. We can not give up, we can not lose hope. Yes, the battle is very though. Yes, the battle is unequivalent, unbalanced. Yes, we are the weak part but we are the people of the country.

We are not giving it away to anybody. Certainly not to Russinas, certainly not to the militia fighters coming from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan and all other evil places. We are not giving it up to these people. We are gonna still defend this country. We are gonna do our best to defend our will to live in a free country.

It can take a long time. Yes, the challenges are very complicated. Of course yes, but we are not gonna give up. Afghanis when they fought against the mighty Soviet Union and the end of the day they taught the Soviet a great lesson to not invade another country or that will cause a great deal of loses.

When you will resume your humanitarian works in Syria again?

I will brother, Insya Allah. At the end of the year, insya Allah we will on the way again. Make dua for me brother.

Is there any message for muslims in Indonesia?

My message will be for all muslims around the world is to not let the atrocities happen. Move to the streets, send emails to your politicians, seek NGOs that are working on the ground, fund those NGOs that are working on the ground.

Let the Indonesian government to work effectively. You are a very big country and you got a big responsibility. I mean you are the biggest muslim country in the world. If the people of Al-Sham does not feel supported by the largest muslim country in the world, then this ummah is under going some serious problem. The Syrians are fighting in Al-Sham on behalf of all ummah, on behalf of 1.7 billion muslims around the world. We need to step up and we nedd to really really support them.                      

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