Installing a retractable roof over Kaaba is not allowed

"Why hajj has to become luxury? Without feeling the heat like our Prophet did and companions," said Alawi.

27 Oktober 2017 10:15

For Dr Irfan al-Alawi, the Saudi Arabian government has becomes more aggressively to destroy the sanctity of Makkah and Madinah.

Alawi, the Executive Director of the Islamic Heritage Foundation, based in London, already alerted by a new plan to install a retractable roof over Kaaba. This project will be started next year.

The reason for that project is to protect pilgrims from the heat. But Alawi, born and grem up in Makkah, opposed that plan.

"Why hajj has to become luxury? Without feeling the heat like our Prophet did and companions," said Alawi yesterday, in an exclusive interview via WhatsApp with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co.


What is your comment about the plan to instal a retractable roof over Kaaba?

It should not be allowed because the open air space has always been like this for centuries. No one complained about heat. This ugly like space ship from Hollywood movie
Why hajj has to become luxury? Without feeling the heat like our Prophets did and companions.

When that roof will be installed?

They want to start building it from next year
And when it will be finished?

I think it will take two years.

Is there any statement from Prophet Muhammad or in Al Quran that forbid to install a roof over Kaaba?

Baytal Mamur the kaaba in the 7th heaven is directly above this Kaaba. No plane or birds fly over the Kaaba.

How did Saudi goverment get that idea?

Freemason American idea of the Eye. The Dajjal system starting in the kingdom. the Prince (Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman) allowing to open cinemas, clubs and beaches to foreign tourism. Prince is going to make the kingdom like the West

Why there is no strong opposition from muslim countries?

Muslim countries are divided among themselves. Muslims are fighting with each other and Saudi Wahhabis are buying weapons from America and UK to kill Muslims
What do you think about pilgrims response on that roof later?

If pilgrims respond later it would be too late. We need to act now to stop changing the face of Makkah and Madinah.

What should be done to stop it?

The Muslims from Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Yemen, India, Pakistan should organise demonstrations against this. And officials should meet the Ambassadors for answers.

Did they know about that planned project?

That is why l have written in the news to alert the Muslims.

How did you know about this project?

This project was discussed last year by the Makkah municipality and the model was displayed in Makkah

Mukhtar Alim Syaqdar, penulis kaligrafi di kain penututp Kabah. (Saudi Gazette)

Penulis kaligrafi di kain penutup Kabah

Syaqdar memperkenalkan gagasan untuk menggunakan komputer dalam mencetak kaligrafi.

Pasar dekat Masjid Al-Haram di Kota Makkah, Arab Saudi. (Arab News)

Pedagang di Makkah dilarang jual suvenir Kabah, Maqam Ibrahim, dan Masjid Al-Haram

Penjualan suvenir bergambar Kabah, Maqam Ibrahim, atau Masjid Al-Haram merupakan penghinaan terhadap kesakralan tempat suci tersebut.

Kabah di Kota Makkah, Arab Saudi. (Arab News)

Arab Saudi berencana bikin atap buka tutup di atas Kabah

Pemasangan atap itu bakal merupakan pelecehan terhadap Kabah.

Kabah di Kota Makkah, Arab Saudi. (Arab News)

Hajj and umrah are money making factory for Saudi Arabia

Management of hajj and umrah is not an exclusive right for Saudi Arabia.

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