The next Saudi king will be a trouble maker

Iran is the main reason for Saudi to get closer with Israel.

21 November 2017 08:22

The diplomatic cable leaks said that Israel has instructed its diplomats around the world to gain supports for Saudi Arabia against Iran. This is a very rare move that Israel intervenes domestic matters of Arab countries.

Dr Menachem Klein, professor of political science at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, believes that both countries have already cooperated and shared inteligence information.

He dismissed claim that Israel will launch a war against Iran for Saudi interest. "I don't see Israel fighting in Lebanon for the Saudies. I also don't see the Saudies opening embassy in Israel before peace with Palestine signed," he said two days ago, during the interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co via WhatsApp.


What do you think about that cable leaks?

I think this is an authentic leak. I do think that it helps Netanyahu to show the Israeli-Saudi relations are upgrading, more towards normalization, but mostly it helps Netanyahu to put Iran as the big demon, satan, and bring Israel to cooperate in anti-Iranian alliance.

Iran is the target more than Israeli-Saudi bilateral relations.

By that instruction, can we say Israel is provoking Saudi to launch a war against Iran?

I don't think anyone of them wants to initiate the war but may be to put pressure on America to change the agreement with Iran and so on. To go for war is far reaching I do think, but it creates diplomatic pressure, especially regard the agreement.

But what is the aim of that instruction because it is very rare Israel intervenes domestic affairs of Arab countries?

You are right, it's rare. Iran. Iran. Iran. Netanyahu is fearfull and obsessive on iran

Therefore, is it good for Israel that Saudi Arabian next king is an aggressive and very ambitious leader?

The security establishment here is in favor of the existing agreement. Netanyahu not.
I don't think that Israel should take part in regional conflicts nor in domestic policy of any country. Unfortunately, Israel does. Netanyahu played in USA elections for the republicans

What is good for Netanyahu not always is good for Israel.

Israel's military chief Gabi Eisenkot said Israel is ready to cooperate and to help Saudi to face Iran. Do you think there will be an alliance between two countries to counter Iran?

I don't think it will go beyond inteligence exchange and coopertion as is now, or let Israeli airforce to cross if Israel attacks, which now has zero chance.

Under the current crown prince, Saudi seeks to have a closer relationhip with Israel. Why is he doing that?

Iran. Iran. Iran. He faces problems in fighting Iran in Yemen and its proxies in Syria and Lebanon, failed to win over Qatar. And he is young, less restrained and causious than older and experienced person.

Do you think Israel will exploit that manner?

I don't see Israel fighting in Lebanon for the Saudies. I also don't see the Saudis opening embassy in Israel before peace with Palestine signed. Now what they do is put pressure on Abbas to accept USA positions that are pro-Israel much more than pro-Palestine.

Saudi and Israel view Iran as their common enemy. Do you think there will be a war between both countries against Iran?

As I said above, I don't expect it

Do you have any confirmation that Saudi Crown Prince visited Israel in early September?


But do you believe with reports said about that?

I did not see those reports. Maybe it happened but it has a very limited impact or significance. 40 years after Sadat visit, Arafat and King Husain visits are a secret visit has no impact.

According to you, how far the relationship between Saudi and Israel will go after the Crown Prince become a king?

Not much beyond what we have today.

So is it just interesting rethorics from both sides to give pressures against Iran?

Not just rethorics, they coordinate international political campaign, cooperate in inteligence

Do you think the next Saudi King, MBS, is a trouble maker for Palestinians?

He makes them problems, to get Trump and Netanyahu cooperation with him against Iran he puts pressure on Abbas to accept USA proposals that are not in their interest.

Menachem Klein, professor in political sciences at Bar Ilan University, Israel, poses with the background of the image of  Al-Aqsa in Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta, December 15, 2015. (Faisal Assegaf/Albalad.co)

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