Qaddafi family has no more influence in Libya

"They have right one day to come back and to live in their own country peacefully as long as they don't make any trouble at all," said Gamati.

25 Februari 2018 18:56

When the revolution happened seven years ago, Libyan people hopefully they can have a much better than under the old regime led by late Muammar al-Qaddafi. But after Qaddafi regime fallen, Libya has divided into two governments, one in Tripoli and another in Tobruk.

The political and security become worse because there are so many militias in Libya which until today can not be controlled by the UN recognized government in Tripoli.

But Guma al-Gamaty, the chairman of Taghyeer Party, believe the transition process will succees after the referendum on the new drafted constitution, that based on freedom, justice, and democracy.   

When asked about Qaddafi family, Gamati said they have finished. "Qaddafi family does not constitute any political power or any strong presence in Libya today," he said on last Friday, in an exclusive interview by phone with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co.


What do you think about Libya after six year of the fall of Qaddafi regime, going towward prgress or setback?

It is not a setback. It is still a transition. The transition is very difficult, very traumatic, has a lot of coflicts, a lot of instability. But hopefully this transition will not take very long. It has been seven years and hopefully will settle down soon and transition will end

And then what we call a permanent status of a new era in Lbya will start. A new constituion, a new political order, hopefully starting gradually a new democracy.

How can you be sure because until today there are two divided governments, one in Tobruk and another in Tripoli?

There is only one government which is recognized by the all world. All neighboring countries, Arab countries, muslim countries, Europe, the whole world, the United Nations, the Security Council, they all recognize only one government which is the government in Tripoli, Government of National Accord.
The other govenrment in Tobruk is not recognized by anybody at all.

This is an important step. As for a reconciliation occured, this UN Peace plan, there is a political agreement which was signed in Morocco in December 2015. And that still provide a framework for resolution and for going forward.

At the monent, the new UN envoy Hasan Salamah is working on a roadmap and a plan to make sure this political agreement succeeds and all different parties come together and reconciliation.

One of the main problems in Libya are there are many militias which are not satisfied on current situation. How can the government in Tripoli address this issue?

It is true that is there are so many people carrying arms, there are so many armed groups, there are so many militias. But this is because Libya was a vacuum. We never had a proper army or proper police forces before. And the security vacuum was filled by this revolution foorces or militias.

Now, there are efforts to rebuild the army, rebuild the police force, and also the new government, which is in Tripoli for the last two years, is trying to establish what is called presidential guard, which a force that is now being trained and getting ready to take over the security of all the institutions.

But do you see there is a disappoinment among Libyan people because the situation has become worse after Qaddafi regime fallen?

The situation is good worse for now, for a temporary period because of the legacy of the Qaddafi regime. But once this transiton is finished and the country is stabilized, and the new system starts, the new era starts, the new regime starts political order, based on constitution, based on freedom, based on democracy, then Libya will be much much better than it was under Qaddafi.

Because 42 years under Qaddafi was just absolute dictatorship, absolute one man rule, and then his sons start to take over power as well. So it was one man rule becoming a family rule with absolute dictatorship.

Now, Libyans have a chance too build a much better political order and a political system, and that is working on.

How many parties in Libya now?

There are so many parties but probably the active ones are about five or six.

Can you mention?

I think if you those whoo took part in the political agreement that is signed in Morocco, there are National Aliance Party, Justice and Construction Party, National Party, Tagyeer Party which is I am involve with.

Is it confirmed that the election will be held this year?

I am not sure about the timetable. Maybe conditions will not be ready for election this year, maybe next year is more likely, in the middle of 2019.

But what is an important step that might take place this year is to have a referendum of a new constitution. We have a new drafted constitution ready. It means to go to parliament and then it means to off tobe offer to whole Libyan population for a referendum.

If Libyans agree on this constitution with two third majority, it becomes a permanent binding constitution for the country for the first time since 1969. Qaddafi demolished the previous regime which was a monarchy. He demolished the constitution and Libya has no constitution since 1969 which makes it now almost for 50 years.

So now, we have a good chance that Libyans will have again a constitution and a social contract. A new state built on proper rights foundation.

What are the main points in the new drafted constitution?

It is a democratic constitution, it is based on pluralism, it is based on division of power, it is separate between president and parliament. It limits the president only two terms of five years each.

So it is normal things that you find in any democratic constitution, similar with you have in Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries, whether islamic or non-islamic countries.

The reports said Saif al-Islam, the second eldest son of Qaddafi, will take part in the next election. What is your comment about that?

First of all, we don't know where Saif al-Islam Qaddafi is. We never heard of him for the last two or three years. He never appeared on video or recorded message. We don't know if he still alives or not and where about is he. He could be in town of Zintan in the western mountains or somewhere else.            
Secondly, Saif al-Islam Qaddafi has two problems. The first problem is he has been convicted by a court in Tripoli for mass murder. So, he has a decision against him. That means he has been indicted by a Libyan court. Secondly, he is wanted by International Criminal Court (ICC).

So, those two things might prevented him for standing for election according to the new constitution. Because one of the conditions to stand up as a president that you should have no any criminal record at all.

Until today, how much the influence of Qaddafi family in Libya?

First of all, the Qaddafi family over left outside Libya, living far away. Saif al-Islam might be still inside Libya. The other three sons of Qaddafi were killed in the revolution.

The sympathy (towards Qaddafi family) maybe in only two or three towns. It does not make a majority of the tribes are still with Qaddafi. That can not be substantiated.

But maybe in the next election, we will see if somebody who still supposed old regime will stand for the next election. We can see it will be a test of how much support there is still for old regime.

But my understanding of my country that majority of people do not want to go back to the old regime. They want a new pace of Libya history. They want a new start. They want a much better political system based on freedom, justice, and democracy.  

If there is the new system after the election, is there any plan for Libya political elites to have a reconciliation with Qaddafi family?

Reconciliation is being talked about and actively work for now, not just after the election. But reconciliation is not with just one family. Reconciliation is with all those Libyans who may be did not agree with the revolution or did not take part in the revolution, and should be cooperated in the new Libya which should be a Libya for everybody, for all Libyan citizens.

Qaddafi family does not constitute any political power or any strong presence in Libya today. Maybe some tribes or towns are not fully with the revolution that need be part of the reconciliation.

If you talk as individuals, I am sure they have right one day to come back and to live in their own country peacefully as long as they don't make any trouble at all.           

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