For safety, Jewish worshippers should pray five meters from the Western Wall

Many of the stones have cracks and pieces could fall appart. .

27 Juli 2018 08:51

Many people, include authorities in Israel are very concerned after a big stone of the Western Wall fell down on Monday morning. There was no one get hurt at that time.

But that stone - weight around 100 kilograms - fell just meters away from Daniella Goldberg, who was praying. She left in panic.

An Israeli archeologist Zachi Dvira visited the location on Monday afternoon and find out that many of the stones have cracks and pieces could fall appart anytime. He suggests Jewish worshippers to keep a distance while they are praying at the Western Wall.

"They should keep a distance of about five meters from the wall," said Dvira in an exclusive interview via WhatsApp with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co two days ago.


Why do you think the entire of the Western Wall is a danger zone?

The wall is not in danger but people standing close to it are in danger. Many of the stones have cracks and pieces could fall appart
Do you think Jewish pilgrims should stop their prayer on Western Wall for mean time until there is a comprehensive examination from the authority?

They should keep a distance of about five meters from the wall.

Have you predicted about the incident on Monday morning?

No, I just examined the fracture on Monday and realized that all those cracks that could be observed in many other stones from the Herodian course (-1 centure BCE to 1th century CE) are much more deep that what we tought, thus many more fractures could fall appart.

Did you give a warning to the government and urge them to take it seriously?

They are taking it seriously, but the Western Wall Rabbi said that in the Plaza they are checking the stones twice a year. I'm not sure that they are doing it in the proper way and checking how deep the cracks are.

They said they will used penetrating radars to examine the stones, but I think that until then they should prevent people from getting close to the wall.
What are necessary actions should be done by the authorities to prevent the Western Wall from colapsing?

As I said, the Western Wall is not in the danger of collapsing. The only danger is that fragments of some stones could fall on people that stand close to it.

So what should be done by the authorities?

They should put a fence five meters from the walls of the temple mount and do conservation work in all of the stones with cracks. They should fill in the cracks with mortar and remove all of the plants and roots from the walls.

Regarding your Temple Mount Sifting project, is the main goal to topple Al-Aqsa?

Our goals is to save the artifacts from the debris from destruction that occurred and to study them, in order to shed new light on the history of the site.

Not even one single pot sherd was published from within the temple mount in all of the 150 years of archaeological research. This is because the Awaqf have always objected proper archaeological study of the site.

We are also preserving the Moslem heritage that was damaged by this destructive work. We even found a seal of one of the for fathers of the current director of the Al-Aqsa mosque.

Do you believe the third holy temple can be built beside Al-Aqsa?

In order for the third temple to be built many things should happen before. Judaism should go through a revolution, Islam as well.

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