I want to get my status as the son of a Saudi prince

Adolf will go to the European Highest Court in Brussels to prove he is the son of Prince Faisal bin Turki from Saudi Arabia.

06 Agustus 2018 16:05

His name should be Prince Adolf bin Faisal bin Turki bin Abdullah al-Saud. But until today, he never get his status and rights as the son of Prince Faisal bin Turki from Saudi Arabia.

He has sued his father to a French court in order to be recognized as his son, but failed. Though he does not want to be give up.

He will submit his sue the Highest Court of European Union soon. He believes that he will win at this time.

He is never doubt that Prince Faisal bin Turki loves him so much.  

"I know my father loves me somehow deeply in his heart. As I told u once, I met him nine times," said Adolf in an exclusive interview via WhatsApp yesterday with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co.


Why do you sue your father to the Highest Court of European Union?

Since many years, I’m trying to convince my father to recognize me as his son as my children and my grand children too. I took lawyers in the past but my father paidd them money to work against me.

Therefore, I tried again and I already found uncorrupted lawyers who will go to the European Highest Court to get my right.

What about your chance to win at the European Highest Court?

At least much higher than at the beginning. The European Highest Court law and judgments are very strong.

When did you submit your sue to the European Highest Court?

After talking to several lawyers in France who runs

When the first session will start and where?

I do not know yet. Hopefully will start soon. I think in Brüssels or France

What is your goal?

I’m an abandoned child from a Saudi prince. They should not make difference between prince or ordinary people for getting his rights. You can not leave your children on the street. You have to take responsibility of your children.

Do you think your father monitors your plan at this time?

Yes for sure. At least some of my brothers or sisters. And for sure friends of him in Saudi Arabia.

Do you think they can fail your plan again as they did before?

It can happen for sure but I will never give up even if my father does not alive anymore. May God save him.

I will never give up. The God will always open the door for me to get my rights and he will show me how.

If you fail at the European Highest Court, what will you do to get ur status as Saudi prince?

My status is not to be a Saudi prince. My status is to be Adolf bin Faisal bin Turki bin Abdullah bin Saud al-Saud and not as now Adolf Derestepanian.

If failed again, what will you do?

Well some plans are in the draw. Everything will come to its time.

Do you receive death threats for suing your father to court?
Never. I know my father loves me somehow deeply in his heart. As I told you once, I met him nine times. At the beginning he kissed me sometimes

Did your sons and your grandchildren know about your relation with Saudi royal family?

My sons yes, grandchildren still kids

When did you sue your father for first time? 

I sued him at a French court in 2007. My father bought my lawyers, therefore I lost in France. Now my chance is at the Highest Court of European Union. 

What was the judge verdict at that time?

The proofs was not enough. I wasn't at the court so I couldn't realize what happened excatly. 

Now my only chance is in the European Highest Court in Brussels.

Do you believe with DNA test result you can win this time?

Well, my DNA test result is one of important evidences. As my father has a lot of properties in Europe, they will pressure him, even he has a diplomatic passport, to respect the European law. 

There are more points...the lawyers I hired had similar cases in UK and France and the law was on their side.

My father lives in UK, France, and Switzerland. I know my father owns over a billion dollars property in London, Cannes, and Switzerland. He can buy lawyers and politicians but I will try to the European Highest Court. 

How did you get your DNA test?

Doctors in Saudi Arabia took DNA test and they said I belong to Al-Saud family. Doctor in Rusia has similar result. The last from family tree DNA.

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