We will remove Al Saud regime

"We are considering few months to a year to achieve this goal," said Marzuq.

05 Oktober 2018 16:37

Paris is known as the capital of revolution. There was some prominent oposition leaders from foreign countries had lived in exile in Paris. Such as Imam Khomeini who led the Islamic Revolution in Iran and got victory in 1979.

But Marzuq Mashaan al-Utaibi - has launched a revolution to overthrow Al Saud regime in Saudi Arabia - does not want to be compared with Imam Khomeini.

Marzuq announcedĀ  the establishment of the National Mobilization Movement on September 28th. He launched this revolution a month ater he moved to Paris.

He insists the main goal of this movement is to remove Al Saud regime in Saudi Arabia. "We are considering few months to a year to achieve this goal," said Marzuq in an exclusive interview via WhatsApp today with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co.


Who did establish the anti-Saud regime movement?

I did. We are still exploring the most appropriate way to establish the legal and organizational body of the new-born movement.

When and where did you establish that movement?

We declared the intention of establishing the movement on September 28th, and it will most likely to be based in Paris, France.

Is the mainĀ  goal of the movement to topple the current leadership in Saudi Arabia, King Salman and MBS (Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman)?

It is more than that, we are seeking to remove the whole regime of the Sauds and a radical change in the country.

Do you mean to change Saudi Arabia to be a republic country?

We have a political theory which we are discussing with other parties. It can be a re-examined form of a republic. We are advancing the proposition of a State of Arabia.

How much you are sure that main goal can be achieved?

We are confident of being able to achieve this goal, and we have the means and plans to get it done the right way
Is there any time line when that goal can be achieved?

We are considering few months to a year to achieve this goal.

Is there any prominent persons such as Saudi dissent royals who support you?

We have just declared our position and exploring the possibilities of cooperation with all parties. However, we are in direct contact with most of the opposition mouvements inside the country as well as those abroad.

After announcing the establishment of the National Mobilization Movement, was there any Saudi dissent royals, like Prince Ahmad bin Abdul Aziz and Prince Khalid bin Farhan, contacted you because both of them have called for toppling King Salman and MBS?

No one of the Saud house contacted me yet. I am not sure if I would accept any form of contact with them. The Saudi regime no longer exists, as to my point of view. The family will remain in seize of the country for few months from now
You are quite sure can remove Saud regime within a year. Do you have politically and financially supports from influential and powerful persons?

I would prefer not to announce any aspect of our plans or the means we dispose to achieve our ultimate goal.

What kind of action will be taken by the movement? Encourage for mass demonstration like happened in Egypt, Libya, and Syria or armed resistance?

We will never endanger the life of any citizen by encouraging them to go demonstrate in the streets. We have our alternatives. People in Egypt, Lybia or Syria are less educated than the citizens of State of Arabia, formerly "Saudi" arabia.

And there is no real sectarian or local division. No history of mass chaos was registered in the history of the country. Things will finish softly, a surgical operation
How strong the support you will get from opposition movements inside and outside Saudi? Did you also receive supports from powerful countries like the US?

There is a complete supprt. Moreover, we are in a permanent coordination and cooperation. We are not seeking to gain support from any powerful country, This issue is the decision of the people of the country first.

Did you get death threat after announcing about this movement?

I would prefer not to enter into any personal issues, they are not into my consideration. What I am concerned about is the country.

Why did you establish the movement in Paris?

Simply because I know Paris as I studied and lived in Paris for several years. A second reason is that I have influential officials and journalists as friends in Paris.

So do you live in self-exile in Paris? Since when?

I arrived in Paris a month before the declaration. We can say it is a sort of self-exile
Therefore, you will struggle from Paris to remove Saud regime? Like Imam Khomeini did in 1979.
I do not think it will be the same way. The advanced means of communication and easily accessed sources of influence as by its self can make things different. In addition, there is huge diffence between the two peoples, the social, economic and political organizations of the two countries. And certainly the regional geopolitical situation is so much different to that of four decades ago.

Who is become your inspiration to launch this revolution?

I am not a Khomeini and I have no intention to be any kind of a leader. My aspiration is to contribute as much as I can to the efforts aiming at the overthrow of the al saud regime, and building on the efforts of those in barbarous political prisons and those abroad. No intention and no personal characteristics to be a leader.

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