We have provided hundreds of million dollars for humanitarian in Indonesia

INSANIA will build many schools in Indonesia every year.

11 Januari 2019 03:08

As a rich country, Qatar has also focused on humanitarian issues in all muslim countries, include Indonesia. Qatar also involved in humanitarian mission after earth quake followed by tsunami hit Aceh in December 2004.  

As Qatar has a very close realtionship with Indonesia, Qatar has provided  a huge number of funds to help Indonesia in the humanitarian sector. This issue becomes the priority in the visit of Sheikh Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman al-Thani, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Humanitarian Fund INSANIA Qatar, to Indonesia.

He discussed about many projects with the Vice President Jusuf Kalla and the Deputy of Foreing Minister A.M. Fachir. He explained about that in an exclusive interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co before having a dinner last night at the residence of the Ambassador of Qatar Ahmad Bin Jassim Mohammed Ali al-Hamar.


What is agenda of your visit in Indonesia?

We are coming here to Indonesia because I am the chairman for the humanitarian fund which is called INSANIA. The humanitarian funds helping 57 muslim countries and also we are arranging very strongly with the United Nations because we are working with that.

We met the Vice President (Jusuf Kalla), the Deputy of Foreign Minister (A.M. Fachir). And also we discussed with them an arrangement in humanitarian sector, how we can do the projects through the government, and how we can arrange with the goovernment.

As you know the relationship is very strong between Qatar and Indonesia, we are very common in many things also. But this organization, I am coming also this is for all muslim countries, and also I am coming as a Qatari to discuss the humanitarian sector, and to help Indonesia in the schools, the education, and other things.

During this time, how much the humanitarian assistance provided by Qatar for Indonesia?

It is very big number, we are doing about billions. We have worked for different charities for about 30 or 35 years. We had the huge projects for schools, hospitals, health centers, mosques, wells, water solutions, many other thing projects.

Also, as humanitarian, we are empowerment, doing also food, supporting. So we are working very strongly with Indonesia for long time.

We are deciding now, our organization (INSANIA), to enter Indonesia also to do more projects in the future, insha Allah.

In last year, there are three big disasters in Indonesia in Lombok, Palu, and Banten. is there any special assistance from your organization?

For me my self, we worked for Qatar, I was a chairman for a committee for Aceh tsunami and also with these last three disasters Qatar gives supports. Qatar Charity is working here, we are working very strong in this year, insha Allah. We are keeping supports in this field, insha Allah.

Regarding the dispute between Qatar and neighbour countries since mid 2017, is there any obstacle to cooperate with Indonesia as Indonesia has also a good relationship with Saudi Arabia?

I am not a political guy, we won't talk on this issue (smiles). We are a humanitarian in this visit and I am coming for the humanitarian sector. We are very strong brother with Indonesia, we have also have a strong relationship wtih Indonesia in all levels.

Alhamdulillah we did many agreements on ddifferent sector when His Higness (Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani) came here. Also the same thing, we are coming now  and very soon insha Allah in different sectors working.

As INSANIA, we are under IOC which its members also Saudi, Qatar, Emirati, Malaysia etc.

What is your landmark projects in Indonesia?

We are now discussing to do at least many schools every year. I am also to do some centers for education, and also we are trying to do agreement for e-learning.

How much the allocation of funds for these projects in Indonesia?

We can manage a certain number because it is a big number, it is increasing. We are seeing more than hundreds of millions we are working for future insha Allah. We are working every project in a different way.     

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