The Saudi monarchy must be toppled to improve the situation of human rights there

"All rights activists feel scared the Saudi regime is now more like a mafia gang," said Ali Hashim in an exclusive interview with Albalad.co. .

17 Juni 2019 12:00

Like other Saudi human rights and political activists, Ali Hashim also facing troubles with the Saudi authorities. Even after moving to Lebanon in 2017, the Saudi agents constantly threat him by calls and through social media.

He actually lived in Lebanon with his wife and five children. But, when his wife and children returned to Saudi Arabia to attend the marriage of one of their relatives, the Saudi authorites did not allow them to travel back to Lebanon.

Despite facing threats, Ali is committed to continue his work in to campaign for better situation of politics and human rights in Saudi Arabia. But he realizes that it is not possible to achieve that goal as long as the Saudi monarchy stil exists.

"Yes, the reactionary monarchy must be terminated and a government elected by the people must be established," said Ali in an exclusive interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co via WhatsApp today.


Since when the Saudi intelligence put your children under house arrest?

Since 2018.

What is reason behind that?

Because of my opposition to the Saudi regime and my activities in the field of human rights
Do they live with their mother in Saudi?

Yes, their mother is now in Saudi Arabia.

What did the Saudi regime offer to you as a condition for their release?

Return to Saudi Arabia or surrender myself to the Saudi authorities and seek mercy from King Salman.

Will you accept their offer or you will take any consequence for your opposition against Saudi regime?

I will not accept their offer and I will continue my work in political and human rights fields.

Why are you committed to continue your work?

I work for future generations and to save our people from slavery, injustice, and oppression
According to you, how bad the situation of human rights in Saudi Arabia?

It is the worst situation in the world where anyone who claims their legitimate rights is accused of terrorism and sentenced to death even if he is a child
Is there any improvement after Muhammad Bin Salman launched 2030 Vision, particularly for women?

No, it is even worse. Many women activists in the field of human rights have been arrested and the Saudi prosecution demanding a death sentence against them
If so, do you think there need for regime change in Saudi Arabia to improve the situation of human rights there?

Yes, there will be no change in Saudi Arabia unless the Saudi regime is changed
Do you mean Saudi has to change to be a republic?

Yes, the reactionary monarchy must be terminated and a government elected by the people must be established
What did you feel when you knew about Jamal Khashoggi was killed brutally by Saudi agents?

Khashoggi was not the first to be killed by the Saudi regime. Everyone knows the brutality of the Saudi regime. Killing Khashoggi in a beastly way was a shock to everyone
Do you feel fear that you will be also become a target like him?

All rights activists feel scared the Saudi regime is now more like a mafia gang
Do you think you are being tracked by the Saudi regime?

Two months ago, I received a warning from one of the security authorities that the Saudi regime spies on several political figures in Lebanon, including myself.

What is the warning about?

Warning only by spying.

Have you got a death threat from the Saudi agent?

A death threat reaches me constantly through social networking sites or anonymous calls.

Can you mention the content of death threats you got?

We will search for you and then we will kill you and eat your body. Insults, insults, insults. We will kill you then we will pay the money to your family.

Why did you choose to struggle from Lebanon?

Yes, Lebanon is a country where freedom of opinion is permitted

Since when you have been staying there?

Since 2017.

With your wife?

Yes, I was with my wife and children. At the end of 2018, my wife and children returned to Saudi Arabia to attend the marriage of one of our relatives and then the Saudi regime did not allow them to leave Saudi Arabia.

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