It's time for Princess Haya to reveal the truths about Dubai emir

"Princess Haya has fled the UAE and is in fear of her life. Clearly she would be in a position to offer some testimony as to her experience or what she witnessed that inspired her to leave," said Radha.

08 Juli 2019 13:30

For a human rights activist like Radha Stirling, the founder and CEO of Detained in Dubai, Emir of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rasyid has another face: he is an abusive person. 

Her conclusion based on three fled cases committed by members of his family,  Sheikha Shamsa in 2000, Sheikha Latifa in 2018, and most recently his wife Princess Haya bint Husain. 

His two daughters, Sheikha Shamsa and Sheikha Latifa can be brought forcedly to Dubai and never heard after that. And currently Princess Haya with her two children - Al Jalila and Zayed are believed hiding in her mansion in London. 

"If her children are at risk of being returned to Dubai, she will need to give testimony as why they may be at risk of abuse if the court agreed said Radha Stirling in an exclusive interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co via WhatsApp yesterday.


According to you, why did Princess Haya flee from UAE?

Princess Haya has not spoken directly about the reasons for her dramatic departure from the UAE. Media has reported that she had been planning her escape for months and that she is under tight security and in fear for her life and those of her children.

Sheikh Mohammed has a history of breaching international laws in order to extrajudicially recover his children.

Dubai emir has accused Princess Haya has an affair with her bodyguard. Do you believe about that claim?

There are outrageously conflicting rumours about Princess Haya's personal life, most of which are being circulated by unreliable sources. What is important is focussing on the welfare and safety of the children of Sheikh Mohamed, many of which remain at risk of abuse.

For some people, they don't believe Dubai emir is an abusive person because he is a visionary leader and some women are in the cabinet of UAE. What is your comment about that?

While some women have reasonable freedoms, the fact is that others are oppressed and abused. It is impossible to say that Dubai is progressive in the area of women's rights when the ruler's own daughters have fled abuse and in a city where rape victims are jailed for having sex outside marriage.

Hind Albolooki recently fled abuse in Dubai and has spoken in depth about the kind of human rights violations that females are subjected to.

Do you have any information where excatly Princess Haya and her children are hiding in London?

Princess Haya is reportedly hiding in her Kensington mansion with tight security. Paparazzi have been present for days outside her home, but have not seen her.

The court session will be held on July 30 and 31, do you believe Princess Haya will be dare to tell judge the truths about his abusive husband?

If her children are at risk of being returned to Dubai, she will need to give testimony as to why they may be at risk of abuse if the court agreed. Obviously, she would need to cite other examples of abuse if her own children have not suffered.

This is a high profile case and involves of the one of wealthiest person in the world. Do you think the judge can commit a free and fair trial?

The British justice system is one of the oldest and most established in the world, known for fairness and impartiality, and is best equipped to deal with a delicate matter like this. Certainly the Dubai courts could never be impartial in a case like this.

Do you think Dubai emir will pressure the British goverment to intervene in this case, therefore there will be an agreement that will please him?

Diplomatic conversations between Jordan, Germany before, and now the UK are likely to be pursued by the UAE. Reportedly, the UAE has already threatened sanctions against Jordan if Princess Haya goes public with her issues.

However, relations between the UAE and the UK have been strained since the detention of British academic Matthew Hedges. Jeremy Hunt had even threatened sanctions against the UAE, so the issues between the two are likely to be left to the courts.

Have you been asked by Princess Haya's lawyer to help them in her case?

We have not been in touch with Princess Haya's legal representatives yet, but have offered expert testimony should they require it.

This case is also tied with your commitment on human rights in Arab gulf countries. What will u do to reveal the mask of Dubai emir?

While abuses in the region continue to occur, whether they be against women, migrant workers, tourists or expats, the victims will continue to speak out. With global internet access and social media, it is impossible to hide these atrocities.

Gulf nations have indicated an increase in lawless behaviour against Western interests. Saudi's assassination of Khashoggi, an attack on a US flagged yacht at sea and the kidnapping of Sheikha Shamsa. It's important that such behaviour is widely condemned in order to protect people against such acts in the future.

Do you think the case of Princess Haya is the best opportunity to reveal the mask of Dubai emir?

Princess Haya has fled the UAE and is in fear of her life. Clearly she would be in a position to offer some testimony as to her experience or what she witnessed that inspired her to leave. She is also in a position to help inspire change in the gulf overall and only time will tell if she will be able to

Regarding her case and previous cases of two Dubai emir's daughter, do you believe that Dubai emir is an abusive person?

There is damning direct testimony from his daughters, potentially now from his wife and from other victims over the past decade. It is clear that Dubai has two faces, the public imagine of modernity and the oppressive regime that has innocent people locked up, disappeared to solitary confinement for “criticising the regime", tortured and abused within the penal system and places adult children (and even siblings) under house arrest.

These acts are in contravention of international law and violates basic human rights. I call this abuse, yes.

Will you attend the court session for Princess Haya's case?

Proceedings will be private.

Why is it a closed session?

The lawyers will likely argue that it is in the best interests of the children to have a closed session.


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