There should be an islamic government in Afghanistan

Taliban says they are committed to give women rights to education and work as per the Islamic laws, only they observe hijab.

02 Agustus 2019 13:10

Eight members of a delegation of Taliban PolitBiro, based in Doha, finished their visit in Indonesia on Wednesday. They were invited by Indonesia's Vice President Muhammad Jusuf Kalla. 

The delegation led by the Chief of Taliban PolitBiro Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar met with Jusuf Kalla at his official residence in Jakarta on Saturday night last week. 

In the meeting, Taliban expressed their trust on Indonesia to involve in the peace process in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of foreign troops from that country. 

We had meeting woth him (Jusuf Kalla) and found him an experienced and wise person, a good strategist," said the spokesman of Taliban Suhail Shaheen in an exclusive interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co via WhatsApp yesterday. 


Why does Taliban prefer to Indonesia to be a mediator in the peace process of Afghanistan than other muslim countries?

Being a big Islamic country, Indonesia can play its positive role by facilitating some meetings of intra-Afghan talks as need be in future.

Why does Taliban convince that Indonesia can be a good mediator?

Regarding intra-Afghan talks, we don’t have mediators, only facilitators. After the conclusion of peace agreement with US and its announcement, we enter intra-Afghan talks, then Indonesia may also provide facilities for some intra-Afghan sittings in Indonesia. This is under consideration.

How does Taliban see Indonesia's Vice President Jusuf Kalla personally?

We had meeting with him and found him an experienced and wise person, a good strategist.

So do you believe by involving him, the peace can be created in Afghanistan?

When we need him, we will be happy to have his help. However, right now, we are talking with US team.

When the truce with the US will be achieved for the withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan?

We will meet the US team in the next days to finalize the peace agreement for withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan and assuring that the Afghan soil will not be used against US and its Allies. We will see to what extent, we can make progress in this direction.

What is the condition requested by Taliban for that truce?

We want the Americans and NATO forces to leave Afghanistan; we want to have an independent country. If they have concern that some one will use the soil of Afghanistan to attack them, we will ensure that no one will use the soil of Afghanistan against US and its Allies.

How about the condition from the US?

No condition as such, only that we will talk to all Afghan sides after the peace agreement with US.

How about ISIS that already based in Afghanistan? Do you think ISIS will jeopardize the peace process?

ISIS is a foreign phenomenon in Afghanistan; it has no place among people. They will melt away following the end of occupation in Afghanistan or will not be a force to reckon with.

Until today how many areas in Afghanistan occupied by ISIS?

Only some areas at the eastern border of Afghanistan. 70 percent of the territory of Afghanistan is under our control.

What are the main issues should be discussed in the future intra Afghan talks?

How to form an Islamic government in Afghanistan and how it can be an Afghan inclusive government.

Do you think Taliban should dominate the next unity government?

Await the intra-Afghan talks, right now, no comment.

Will the next government include minorities and give protection of their rights such as Shia minority?


Will this concept of islamic goverment be accepted by all factions and communities or it is only Taliban's agenda?

All Afghans who had participated in intra-Afghan conference in Moscow and here in Doha recently, re-affirmed that there should be an Islamic government in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan.

What kind of islamic government? Like Saudi or Iran?

This will be discussed during intra-Afghan negotiation and reach agreement.

How does Taliban think about the practice of Islam in Indonesia?

We found mosques full of worshippers during congregational prayers. It means the Indonesians are practicing muslims. Alhamdulillah and women wearing hijab, again a sign of their piety. 

Will Taliban give more rights for women to go to school or study and work?

We are committed to give women rights to education and work as per the Islamic laws, only they observe hijab.

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