The fall of the mullah regime in Iran is just a matter of time

In the case of Iran, once the overthrow of the regime becomes a reality, that would mean that the epicenter of Islamic extremism and terrorism is eliminated. So, only better days are ahead of us.

24 November 2019 08:16

A whole of Iran has been rocked by popular uprising since November 16, triggered by teh government's decision to raise gasoline price up to 50 percents. The mass demonstrations has spread to more than 140 cities.

Tehran, include the Supreme Leader Ayatullah Khamenei, has supported that policy which encourages the regime's security forces to crackdown protesters brutally.

Alireza Jafarzadeh, the Deputy Dorector of the National Cpuncil of Resistance of Iran in Washington, is so convinced this round of protests will succeed to topple the mullah regime in Iran.

Its fall is just a matter of time," said Jafarzadeh in an exclusive interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co via WhatsApp this week. "Now there are factors which may speed up or slow down this process."


Do you believe that the revolution has been coming to Iran or this is just sporadic demonstrations that will last soon?

There is a grass-root people-based movement for freedom and democracy in Iran led by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), a democratic coalition in which the PMOI is the pivotal member.

This national movement aims to topple the ruling theocratic tyranny to achieve democracy. Similar to 2017/2018 uprising, the popular revolt we have witnessed since last Friday is the manifestation of this movement. These protests may change form, size, or tactics but what is certain is that this round has been a major triumphant step toward the eventual overthrow of the clerical regime.

Do you think this revolution can succeed to throw mullah regime in Iran? If so, what are the conditions that are suitable for its success?

Yes, it will succeed. There is absolutely no question whether the regime will be toppled or not. And with what we have witnessed in the November uprising, it could happen sooner than later. There has been a huge economic and social crisis brewing in Iran, due first and foremost to more than 40 years of corruption, thievery, mismanagement, and repression, for which the regime has absolutely no solution except even more suppression and plunder.

Meanwhile, there is a restive revolting population across Iran and an organized resistance with a significant international political standing and vast network of dedicated activists in Iran and abroad, NCRI whose President-elect is Mrs. Maryam Rajavi has introduced a 10-point plan for democratic, secular, republic in Iran.

Added to this mix is the growing regional isolation – as we are witnessing in Iraq and Lebanon today – and international pressure. Convergence of these factors has left the regime more vulnerable and weaker than ever, something which we have witnessed during this round of protests.

If will not succeed, why?

The regime is suffocating under the weight of all these internal and external pressures. They pose an existential threat to it, so the regime has opted to use brute force and savagery on one hand, and foreign crisis making and aggression on the other, to change this lethal equation.

But it has no strategic outlet and its fall is just a matter of time. Now there are factors which may speed up or slow down this process. The international pressure should increase even more and free world must assist the uprising by ensuring people’s unfettered access to the Internet and other means of communication with the outside world.

Policy of appeasement which Europe is still holding on to, must be set aside since it is to the detriment of Iranian people and the rest of the world.

The regime in Iran is still confident they can crush this demonstration. Why they are confident like that?

When it comes to use of brutal barbaric violence against the Iranian people and dissidents, the regime has the willingness to do harm. It massacred 30,000 political prisoners, majority from the PMOI in 1988 and has executed over 120,000 political activists since 1981.

Moreover, its terror network abroad, run by its web of embassies and diplomats, have assassinated and continue to plot terror attacks on Iranian dissidents, particularly the PMOI’s leadership and members. But their show of confidence which is for domestic and foreign PR consumption hardly covers their daily statement of alarm and anxiety over explosive state of the country.

They amount to whistling loud past the graveyard. Let’s not forget that they killed and tortured hundreds of protesters in the last round of uprising but still the new wave has come out even stronger and more organized than before.

Iran regime has claimed this demonstration steered by foreign power. Do you see like that?

Similar to any other dictators on their way out by the people’s uprising, the regime absurdly claims the protesters are foreigners or ordered by foreign powers. Since Iran’s 1906 Constitutional Revolution, all the despots ruling Iran have blamed the popular uprising on foreign powers not on their own tyranny and corruption.

The deposed Shah at first blamed the 1978 protests on foreign powers but several months before his fall, he publicly said he had heard the sound of people’s revolution.

According to you, if this protest fails, what will be done by the regime and what will happen to the people of Iran?

Regardless of what happens to this round of protests in the short term, it has already been a huge leap forward and has shortened the path to the overthrow of the regime significantly. The regime will no doubt carry out a horrific crackdown, or may claim victory. But that does not help it from being overthrown by the people.

Iran has used excessive force against protesters that caused dozens of people killed. Why their supreme leader Ali Khamenei still support that such policy?

Khamenei has no other choice. He realizes the existential threat this rising popular revolt poses to his theocracy which has helped him to erect a financial empire of his own, stealing and plundering the people’s wealth and national treasure. For him and his regime, now is do or die time, hence his barbaric reaction to unarmed protesters fighting with their bare hands for their livelihood and freedom.

Do you think big countries like the US and European countries are still reluctantly to show their open support for this ongoing unrest in Iran?

Contrary to what the regime’s advocates abroad claim, show of open support for the uprising is not harmful. On the contrary, it is necessary and should be complemented by concert measures to empower the protesters.

It is true that the response of the free world, particularly the EU, at the onset has been somewhat underwhelming but in recent days we have seen the strong bi-partisan support from the US Congress and the administration, including the President, Vice President, and Secretary of State, among others, who have supported the protesters.

Regarding a few countries rocked by mass demonstration that led to civil war or unstable condition like in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Yemen, do you think that kind situation will also emerge in Iran if they can remove mullah regime?

No, absolutely not. Iran is very different. Since 1906 none of Iran’s popular upheavals have led to any situation like the ones you have mentioned. And it would not be the case either this time around. There have been no sectarian chants or demands neither in the uprising of 2018 nor in the uprising of November 2019.

The unifying chant in all 31 provinces of Iran has been, "Death to the Dictator, Death to Khamenei." Moreover, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the democratic alternative, represents the aspirations of all peoples of Iran regardless of their religion or ethnicity. The NCRI’s platform and ratified plans for post-regime period ensures the territorial integrity of Iran and all of its people.

Remember, the destabilizing factor in those nations, was always the Iranian regime and their intervention directly or indirectly. In the case of Iran, once the overthrow of the regime becomes a reality, that would mean that the epicenter of Islamic extremism and terrorism is eliminated. So, only better days are ahead of us.

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