Israel has no any obstacle to establish a diplomatic relationship with Indonesia

Indonesia's decision to conect its diplomatic relations with Israel with the conflict is their choice and does not contribute to resolving the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

19 Desember 2019 02:04

Indonesia and Israel have enjoyed a warm and good relations in business, education and tourism sectors, especially since the era of late President Abdurrahman Wahid, though both countries have no diplomatic relationship. Even during Soeharto regime, Indonesia bought fighter jets and other military equipments from Israel and sents pilots to get training there.

Accoring to the spokesperson of Israel's Foreign Ministry Lior Hayat, Israel and Indonesia have a mutual interest. Therefore, there is a big necessitiy for both coutries to strengthen their relations through a formal stage.

He realizes that Indonesia reluctantly to do that because of the issue of Palestine. "There are no obstacles from the Israeli side," said Lior Hayat in an exclusive interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co via WhatsApp two days ago.


What do you think about the current informal relationship between Indonesia and Israel?

Israel has no conflict with Indonesia. And we see no reason why there should be no formal and full diplomatic relations between Israel and Indonesia. Even if we have disagreements on certain issues, this is not an issue that cannot be resolved. The State of Israel has diplomatic relations with many countries with which we do not see eye to eye on certain and other issues including with Muslim and Arab states.

Israel has very close relations with many Asian and Southeast Asian countries in particular. These countries benefit from relations with Israel and from the access to Israeli technologies and innovation in fields such as agriculture, water, medicine and communications.

What are the main obstacles for Indonesia and Israel to have a formal relationship?

There are no obstacles from the Israeli side

But Indonesia consistently insists that they will recognize the State of Israel if an independent and sovereign Palestine State was established. What is your comment about that?

Indonesia's decision to conect its diplomatic relations with Israel with the conflict is their choice and does not contribute to resolving the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Israel has a vested interest in reaching peace with the Palestinians and all our neighbors regardless of relations with Indonesia

In the context of national interests, who more need with the diplomatic relationship, Indonesia or Israel?

Both parties will gain a great deal from formal diplomatic relations

Is there any time frame from Israel to have a formal relation with Indonesia?

It is basically up to Indonesia

Is it a loss for Israel if there will be never a diplomatic relationship with Indonesia?

The loss is mutual

Indonesia has around 2,000 Jewish descendant. Does ur government know there are Jewish descendant communities in Indonesia?

As far as we know there are no Jewish communities in Indonesia.

So what is your comment when I said there are Jewish communities in Indonesia?

We would love to receive information about this

How important Indonesia for Israel? On the other hand, how important Israel for Indonesia?

Indonesia is a very important country for Israel. We think there is great potential for diplomatic and economic relations between the states, and we would love to work together to build ties between the countries.

Indonesia and Israel have informal relations in the context of education and tourism. Do you think that is a good step to gain formal relations?

It's a good begining

What do you expect in the next five years?

It is up to Indonesia.

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