Muslim communities are bored and desperate with the issue of Palestine

"I wish to make it clear, no one will liberate the Paletinians or work for them. They must operate, be active," said Menachem Klein.

10 Februari 2020 19:20

The US President Donald Trump last month announced his peace proposal to resolve the conflict of Palestine-Israel. Perhaps he already calculated: business as usual, there is no harsh reactions from muslim countries. Just blaming and condemnation. They can do nothing to stop. 

Dr Menachem Klein, professor of political science at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, agrees that muslim communities are bored and desperated with the issue of Palestine. "Sure (they are bored and desperate) but then they have to be aspired by the Palestinians struggle to keep the Haram al-Syarif away from Israeli rule," he said in an exclusiev interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co via WhatsApp on Friday last week.


Do you think Trump peace plan unfair for the Palestinians?

Sure unfair.

Why do you say like that?

It gives them autonomy not state, ignores international resolutions and self-determination rights, and takes land.

Do you think Trump peace proposal like a pressure against Palestine to surrender?

Yes, it is a surrender dictate formed jointly by Trump and Netanyahu. Actually it gives Netanyahu his wish list.

Do you think Netanyahu will exploit Trump peace plan as a basis for land grab?

Legally he can not make it before the election in 3rd March. So till then the room is open to fail Trump plan and prepare reactions if Israel makes any annexation after the election.

How to destroy Trump plan?

Muslim and Arab public should be directed by governments and civil society leaders to express rejection, in particular of its Jerusalem chapter.

What about through UN Security Council?

There opposition should be expressed but the US will veto.

Until now there is no huge demonstrations in Arab and muslim countries against Trump plan. Do you think that plan will be implemented successfully?

The problem with many Arab states is their leadership acceptance of what America says. This is different than their public opinion. I therefore said that the target should be the public.

The only way to implement the plan is unilateral Israeli action backed by the US. Therefore Israel must be warned on the price that she would have to pay for that.

Learning from Trump's unilateral action by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December 2017 and followed by moving its embassy to Jerusalem in May 2018, do you think Trump will take the same path for his peace proposal?

I assume that he discussed with Netanyahu unilateral Israeli steps including annexation. He may give green light to it.

Therefore what can be done by international communities?

Demonstrate and express opposition in any way available and let Israel know that it might pay the price. I don't rule out that the US will try to replace Abbas. It happened in many other countries where the US put in power her loyals. Trump represents the colonial area not the postcolonial approach that Obama represented.

Do you think Trump peace plan is the beginning of the diminishing of Palestinians dream to get freedom?

Depends what they will do. I wish to make it clear, no one will liberate the Paletinians or work for them. They must operate, be active. Once they move others can help. Till now they did not do enough in this direction. But one day it will happen

But there is no leader from muslim country who dares to take a brave and breakthrough action like Trump?

Therefore I say start with the public and they will pressure the leadership.

Do you believe Palestine is an illusion state?

Today yes but tomorrow might be different if the Palestinians take the initiative and act on the ground.

Do you think armed resistance is the best way to achieve their rights?

No, today it's counter productive. Non-violent civic struggle is the way beside diplomacy.

But there is no chance through negotiation and diplomacy. Furthermore after Trump released his own peace plan?

It's a long struggle. David against Goliath. Israel is strong and the Palestinians must get help from the international community to bring Israel to give up the apartheid regime.

But unfortunately the Gulf countries like Saudi, UAE, and Bahrain getting closer with Israel. This proved the success of Netanyahu diplomacy. What about that?

I don't see it as a great success. They keep distance from Israel and refuse to go ahead. The relationship is limited to anti Iranian block, intelligence. Besides, these are rich countries but for Israel they are less important than Egypt or Jordan. Even in those rich countries in particular Saudi Arabia the leadership can not approve Israeli rule over Jerusalem.

Until now there is no huge demonstration in muslim countries to reject Trump peace plan. How do you see about that?

Palestinians failure to choose the best struggle.

Or people in muslim countries are already bored and desperate with the issue of Palestine?

Sure but then they have to be aspired by the Palestinians struggle to keep the Haram al-Syarif away from Israeli rule.

Rabbi David Rosen from the American Jeiwsh Committee and the Secretary General of the Muslim Wrld League Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Karim al-Isa. (Rabbi David Rosen for Albalad.co)

The visit was important for relations between Islam and Judaism

In the context of Israel and Jews, Indonesia is a victim of false propaganda and misrepresentation.

Juru bicara Taliban Suhail Syahin. (Suhail Syahin buat Albalad.co)

We want to establish a truely Islamic government in Afghanistan which is not like ISIS

"Daesh is a foreign phenomenon in Afghanistan and have foreign agenda. Their conduct with common people was brutal, killing them on mere suspicion while we consider ourselves as servants of our people, recruit from them and live among them," said Taliban spokesperson Suhail Syahin to Albalad.co.

Musa Abu Marzuq with the Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad. (Albalad.co/Supplied)

All Israeli officials responsible for war crimes against Palestinians

"All of them assured that the Palestinian issue is the most important problem in the muslim world," said Abu Marzuq.

Juru bicara Kementerian Luar Negeri Israel Lior Hayat. (Lior Hayat buat Albalad.co)

Israel has no any obstacle to establish a diplomatic relationship with Indonesia

Indonesia's decision to conect its diplomatic relations with Israel with the conflict is their choice and does not contribute to resolving the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

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