Our vaccine will be the most effective to kill Covid-19 virus

Scientists at MIGAL Galilee Research Institute in Israel expect to start producing a Covid-19 vaccine in the next eight-ten weeks, based on their avian coronavirus Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) vaccine.

06 Maret 2020 20:25

Scientists at Migal Galilee Research Institute in Israel expect to start producing a Covid-19 vaccine in the next eight-ten weeks, based on their avian coronavirus Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) vaccine. The team developed the IBV vaccine after four years of research, funded by the country’s Ministry of Science & Technology and conducted in alliance with the Ministry of Agriculture.

The researchers discovered a potential Covid-19 vaccine candidate as a by-product of the IBV vaccine. They made genetic alterations to adapt the IBV vaccine to the human strain of the novel coronavirus.

Dr. Chen Katz, Migal's biotechnology group leader, is so convinced with the capabilitiy and the experience of his team on corona virus. Therefore, he believes their next vaccine will be the most effective to kill Covid-19 virus. "Our technology was found to be effective for corona viruses and we believe it can do the same in this case," said Dr. Chen Katz, 40 year old, in an exclusive interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co via WhatsApp two days ago.

Dr. Chen Katz leads the applied microbiology group at MIGAL, responsible for the development of the mucosal delivery system for corona vaccination. He got PhD from the Tel Aviv University nine years ago at the age of 30. Since then, he becomes a principal investigator at the Biotechnology Department at MIGAL.


How dangerous this Covid-19 virus comparing with other viruses in corona family, like bird flu?

Most corona viruses, when they stay in their natural hosts, are relatively mild and cause mild symptoms. In it reasonable to assume that most of us were infected with corona viruses before and show some very standard cold signs.

Why this corona virus can spread uncontrollably?

The spread of these corona virus is not necessarily higher than other viruses. It is just that the severe consequences put it in the spotlight of human attention.

Why is your team sure the vaccine to combat Covid-19 can be produced in the next 8-10 weeks?

Our team has very good experience with our technology and its strategic adaption to new sequencess. Our team has specific experience with corona virus sequences and their translation into immunoactive proteins.

Since when your team has been doing research about Covid-19?

Few months with the current virus, few years with relative corona virus.

According to Migal's research, where does Covid-19 come from? Wild animal?

Migal’s researchers didn’t study the origin of the virus.

Is it confirmed that vaccine created by Migal Institute can be safely test for human being in the next three months?

It is not confirm. We are still in the process of understanding the required regulations and testing that this kind of vaccine needs to go through, and hope to characterize the fastest tract.

How your team can be convinced that your vaccine is the best and will effectively destroy Covid-19 epidemy?

We do not know the achievements of other companies and are not in competition with anyone else. We are doing the best we can with a very strong belief in our hearts. Our technology was found to be effective for corona viruses and we believe it can do the same in this case.

It is important to understand that even partial activity will change the course of the disease into much milder symptoms and the main benefit should be substantial reduction of hard cases.

As far as you know, is Migal Institute will be the first research institution to create vaccine for Covid-19?

Many companies are currently trying to develop vaccines with different strategies. The main question remaining is which vaccine will go into mass production as a global effort to deal with the current situation. Every researcher must believe that his or her strategy is the one.

After successfully test for human in the next three months, how long it will be come to mass production?

We are doing the best we can to be prepare for global production and distribution, locating the right partners and the proper way to do so quickly post regulatory approval. Our technology is based on standard microbial fermentation, which is the fastest biological platform for protein production. Preparation of one batch takes only few days.

According to your team, how long this Covid-19 can be diminished globally?

If used properly, starting the vaccination strategy from infected areas and infection-prone sub populations, taken together with cooperation of all populations and unite strategy, this chapter can be closed in few month of global effort.


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