To get rid of the plague, open the window at the dome of the Prophet's grave and pray there

"The Muslim leaders should unite and ask Saudis authorities that this is the only means we have left.. Otherwise millions will die and suffer including themselves," said Dr. Irfan al-Alawi.

31 Maret 2020 08:01

Coronavirus Covid-19 has spread all over the world since its outbreak in Wuhan, China, in December last year. Almost every country in the world has got Covid-19 cases.

Until today, this plague has infected 770,653 people, include 36.946 died. The very fast spread of Covid-19 has disrupted all aspect of human life, such as from politics to culture, business to sports.

Makkah historian, Dr. Irfan al-Alawi, suggests the Saudi Arabian authorities to open the window at the dome of the Prophet's grave in Masjid Al-Nabawi, then pray there to get rid of the plague. "The Muslim leaders should unite and ask Saudis authorities that this is the only means we have left.. Otherwise millions will die and suffer including themselves," said Dr. Irfan al-Alawi in an exclusive interview vuia WhatsApp with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co on last Sunday.


Do you have any suggestion on how to combat this coronavirus pandemic?

Yes there is and it is the belief of Ahle Sunnah wa Jammah and most of the Muslims, that we should turn to our beloved prophet ﷺ as he is our means connection to Allah. There is a a window on top of the green dome Quba e Khadra which is covered and this window is directly on top of the grave of the prophet ﷺ in the house of Sayyida Aisha.

So what should be done with that window at the dome of the Prophet Muhammad's grave?

There is a Hadith that when the people of Medina suffered a severe drought, they came to Sayyida Aisha and told her about the situation and the suffering of the people and animals. She said "Go to the Prophet's grave and open the window towards the sky so that there will be no roof between him ﷺ and the sky."

They did this by removing the date plantation leafs and other clay roof materials and after which Allah sent down such rain that the vegetation grew and the camels gained weight and other animals became healthy.

That year was named the year of prosperty. The window is necessary as you see the dome is closed on all sides this window has always been maintained every time there was an expansion of Mosque or re- painting of it.

Do you think that should be done by the Saudi authorities?

Ref to this is Al Darimi in the chapter 15 of the Muqadima introduction to his Sunan 1:43 entitled "Allah's genrocity to His Prophet ﷺ after his passing away,"

The people who should do this should be the Eunuchs from Abyssina as they are the ones who go inside the Sacred chamber to dust it. The Saudi authorities should take this as honour because the whole world is suffering from this pandamic. They will be remembered in history for carrying out such a good act.

This is also excellent Da'wa for the non Muslims that Islam is the religion chosen by Allah without associating to Shirk and bida. It will show that Allah's Prophet ﷺ is mercy to the universe as Allah is Ar Rahman.

He ﷺ is our Bab door we should approach him and plead with him as the Quran states in Sura an Nisa chapter 4, We sent no messenger save that he should be obeyed by Allah's leave. And if, when they had wronged themselves, they had but come unto thee and asked forgiveness of Allah, and asked forgiveness of the messenger, they would have found Allah Forgiving, Merciful.

This is evidence that Allah commands us to visit his messenger ﷺ for du'a for forgiveness and He will forgive as he ﷺ is our Bab our hope here in this world and the Akhira the next world.

Do you think the Saudi authorities believe in that way and will do that?

The Muslim leaders should unite and ask Saudis authorities that this is the only means we have left.. Otherwise millions will die and suffer including themselves.

Have the Saudi's done this before?


Have anybody suggested this method when there was pandemic before?

During the early Ottoman period

Did they do that?

Yes. They would always visit Habib ﷺ it's in their history books.

For how long should the dome window of the prophet's tomb be opened?

They would visit the Bab al Tawba the door of repentance South Side of the Mawajah and open it to be facing him ﷺ and make salutations and dua's through his means to Allah. They should leave it open until they hear the pandamic in the Kingdom has started to dissappear and through the world.

But most importantly when the window is opened the Saudi authorities should make du'a to him ﷺ as means and narrate the Quran that we have come to you Ya Rasullallah and انشالله Allah is Merciful.

Do you believe Saudis will consider this suggestion?

If they want Shif'a cure they do not have any choice. But the Muslim world should persuade them togather they will listen. As we have Ramadan and Hajj approaching.

Is there any special person who should open the window at the dome of the prophet's grave?

Yes they can ask one of the Eunuchs one of them is a close friend of mine his name is Ali Bodaya Ibrahim who has been serving the Sacred Muwaja cleaning from inside for over 60 years. They should also allow another person from the Ahle Bayt from Medina to accompany him to open the window there are many Bani Alawi shariffs in the blessed city.

Why the window should be opened by Eunuchs?

As they are the only ones who go inside to clean since the Ottoman period only 3 remain out of the 800 which once were in Medina and Makkah. These Aghwat known in Arabic are the guardians of the Mawajah sharif for centuries.

If all three Eunuchs died who will replace them to clean the prophet's grave?

No one. These are the last ones. They live a very modest life and remain quiet and without any dealings with the outside world.

Who should replace them if they are gone?

I think some people from the family of the blessed prophet ﷺ Ahle Bayt as they are only honoured household of him ﷺ as mentioned in the Quran.

Can you mention the names of the last three Eunuchs?

Ahmed Ali Yaseen, Ahmed Masibo Saleh. And one l mentioned Ali Bodaya Ibrahim

Where do they live now?

Still in Medina. They rest in Masjid Al Nabawi they have a small room inside but otherwise go home.

Do they work everyday to clean the inside room of the prophet's grave?

No, before they use to do it every night when the mosque use to close but now perhaps Once in while on Thursday night.

Do they get a salary and other facilities from the Saudi government?

Very basic modest.

Can you elaborate?

Basic housing and essentials for daily living nothing more and they don't travel outside.

How much per month?

I really don't know. But it would not be more than £150 per month as this is what the regular cleaners earn in the two Haramains.

So they never got married?

No they don't get married as they were born without the sexual organs therefore they do not have the sexual desire.

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