We will provide Indonesia with the best Israel's technologies to contain Covid-19

Until now there are five muslim countries seek a partnership with Sheba Medical Center.

15 Mei 2020 06:48

Sheba Medical Center is the best and the largest hospital in Israel. In 2019, Newsweek magazine ranked Sheba on their prestigious list of the top ten hospitals worldwide.

According to Newsweek, "The hospitals on our list are all world leaders in health care, but these are the very best – the top ten." Sheba was recognized largely for its extensive range of outstanding medical divisions and specialties, its affiliation with Tel Aviv University, and its treatment of more than one million patients yearly. Presently, over one quarter of all medical clinical research in Israel is conducted at Sheba.

With those recognition, Sheba Medical Center has recently attracted five muslim countries which seek a partnership with this hospital to contain corona virus Covid-19. Yoel Hareven, the Director of International Division at Sheba Medical Center, agreed to mention just three of them - Palestine, Azerbaijan, and Kuwait. But local media reports indicate two other countries are Bahrain and United Arab Emirates.

Sheba Medical Center also open a chance for Indonesia to have a partnership with Sheba Medical Center. "If someone will ask us do this, we will provide Indonesia with the best Israel's technologies to contain Covid-19," said Yoel Hareven in an exclusive interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co via WhatsApp three days ago.


Until now, how many Arab and muslim countries seeking partnership with Sheba Medical Center to address Covid-19?

Five countries.

Can you mention their names?

Only with two of them, palestinian Authority and Azerbaijan.

I read on the news there are also three Gulf states, Bahrain, UAE, and Saudi? Is it confirmed?

No! The only Gulf stat that now negotiating with us is Kuwait.

But I read on Jerusalem Post and Times of Israel there are those countries?

They took it out of contract and put wards into my mouth.

But is it confirmed a high rangking UAE royal recently visited Sheba Medical Center?

That I can confirm.

Who is he?

I can’t tell you, sorry.

Is he from Al Nahyan of Al Maktoum family?

I can’t tell you, sorry.

When did he visit Sheba Medical Center?


For what purpose?

Private visit.

For treatment?


You have mentioned 3 of 5 muslim countries that seeking partnership with Sheba Medical Center on Covid-19. Why are they interested to seek a partnership with Sheba Medical Center?

Because it is the biggest and the most comprehensive medical center in the Middle East
And also because Sheba was announced by Newsweek magazine as Top 10 hospital in the world for the second time.

What kind of method to treat Covid-19 patients they want to learn?

All aspects from logistics issues to current Novel treatments. Of course our research efforts with plasma antibodies.

How about telemedicine?

One of the hottest issues.

Can you explain what is telemedicine and how it's work to treat Covid-19 patients?

The corona pandemic forced Sheba, a quaternary medical center to confront a whole set of new predicaments; amongst them the need to handle hospitalization of numerous patients, some severely ill and ventilated, while protecting medical staff from contagion. Simultaneously, it was obligatory to ensure continuity of care for patients not suffering from corona, who require ongoing treatment and could not present at the hospital due to social distancing. As part of overall efforts in preparing the medical center for the epidemic, the telemedicine platform constituted a new, dedicated method for addressing these shifting needs.

A Telemedicine-based corona care unit, facilitates medical management of patients at a distance, from the safety of a separate room that is equipped with patient communication and monitoring systems and various control devices. It allows for provision of high level medical treatment, with minimal exposure of the medical team.

Operational Model:

* Control room / tent outside the corona care department, from which the medical and nursing teams follow patients via security cameras, observation, communication and monitoring of patient indices.

* Communication with patients via telephone, smart PA system, and a system that enables user friendly video communication via the television screen. This system also enables private video conversations between patients and the treating staff and /or with consultants, as well as group conversations and activities.

* Employing devices for patients to check their own vital signs or alternately, monitoring of vital signs by various transmitting sensors, according to the severity of the illness, including analysis of trends that may predict a worsening in the patient's condition.

* Special examination kit + tablet, placed in the patient’s room that allows for distant physical examination of the heart, lungs, pharynx and ears.

* Distant multi-disciplinary treatment (social worker, psychologist, specialist consultant, physiotherapist) via video or tele- rehabilitation platform.

* Use of a telemedicine medical robot, for communication between caregivers inside and outside the department, enabling the management of complex cases.

* IT support system for training medical teams and providing instruction to the patients, as well as responding to any technical glitches.

Did delegations from five muslim countries already visited Sheba Medical Center to learn about how to address Covid-19?

Not yet.

Did they tell you when they will send their delegation to Sheba Medical Center?

No. Right now no one in the world is traveling.

Is there any request from Indonesian government to seek a partnership also?

Not as I know.

If there is a such request, will Sheba Medical Center give a hand to help Indonesian government?

Absolutely Yes.

What do you know about the situation of Covid-19 spread in Indonesia?

Only what we can get from the international media. Any way it is not official numbers.

According to you, what are the weaknesses of Indonesian effort to contain Covid-19?

Low level of testing, control the data, and slow acting of your government to the crisis at the beginning.

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