We produce drinking water from air with the highest quality

Watergen is the best solution for drought areas because it is the solution that can be deployed immediately, without the need to establish any water infrastructure, and without any plastic bottles or waste," said Mirilashvili.

20 Januari 2021 18:16

The technology founded by Watergen, a company from Israel, is the only one in the world. Their technology obviously the best solution and very useful for the human beings every where.

Watergen produce drinking water from air with the highest quality. According to Michael Mirilashvili, a Russian-Israeli billionaire who owns Watergen, his company can produce drinking water with the highest quality no matter the quality of the air being used.

"Absolutely, Watergen is the best solution for drought areas because it is the solution that can be deployed immediately, without the need to establish any water infrastructure, and without any plastic bottles or waste," said the President and CEO of Watergen Michael Mirilashvili in an exclusive interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co via email today.

He insisted that Indonesia is also a target market for Watergen.

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Can you explain how the Watergen machine works to produce clean water from atmosphere or air?

Watergen’s products are all applications of our internationally patented technology, the GENius. The GENius is the first ever heat-exchanger designed with food grade polymers rather than metals. It’s revolutionary structure and design, in addition to the material itself, enable Watergen to become the only company to deploy and scale water-from-air technology around the world.

Watergen leads the market in terms of drinking water quality, electrical efficiency, and water production across a wide range of atmospheric conditions, including desert climates with very low humidity.

The GENius is deployed in ever Watergen machine. First, the machine sucks in the air from the surrounding environment and cleans it. This is a very important process, because we are often asked if air quality affects water quality, and the answer is no.

Our drinking water is of the highest quality no matter the quality of the air being used, and this amazing fact in part is a result of the air cleaning system of our machines. Next, the GENius turns the cleaned air into drinking water. After this, the drinking water is circulated through Watergen’s state-of-the-art water purification and maintenance system, a process which is repeated every thirty minutes in order to maintain the highest drinking water quality.

Watergen’s drinking water is also cooled and heated depending on the customer’s preference, and then dispensed. This process allows Watergen’s products to guarantee access to the best quality drinking water whenever the customer wants it. Just plug-and-drink!

How many the capacity of the Watergen machine can produce clean water daily?

Watergen has a wide range of products that produce different quantities of high-quality drinking water for different applications. For example, our Gen-L produces up to 6,000 liters per day, and can be used in villages, islands, farms, hospitals, army bases, and more.

Our Gen-M product produces up to 900 liters per day, and is an ideal solution for off-grid communities, schools, hospitals, police, army bases, emergency response, and much more. Finally our Genny home and office device is Watergen’s consumer product for indoor drinking water production, and can generate daily quantities of up to 30 liters per day.

Additionally, Watergen is constantly improving on the GENius and on its products. This year, we will be releasing several new products that produce different quantities of water: the Genny Home will produce up to 18 liters per day and provide an ideal solutions for families at home; the M1 is a single-phase machine that will produce up to 200 liters per day; and the after-market product for RVs, which will provide travelers and campers the ability to produce their own drinking water on the go.

How long to reach the capacity?

Watergen’s devices work 24/7, and the quantities mentioned are produced over 24 hours. Once you plug in a Watergen machine, it takes about a minute or two until you are able to drink!

Is there any different type of the Watergen machine?

In addition to the devices that I discussed above, Watergen has also developed a division for products for the automotive industry. A couple of years ago, we were approached by one of the biggest international automaker brand-names, who were interested in developing a way to create drinking water inside of their vehicles for cold water and coffee. They had been working on a solution for five years but were unsuccessful, and so they approached Watergen to see if we could collaborate together.

In the time since, not only have we succeeded in developing a successful in-car unit, but we have also recognized that the automotive industry is one of Watergen’s primary markets. We have developed a wide range of products for the automotive industry, including the integrated in-car product; an after-market product for RVs, trucks, busses, trains, and yachts; and a product for “technical water” needed in autonomous vehicles. In the future, we will be producing many more!

How did you get the idea to produce clean water from air?

Watergen was established by several inventors about ten years ago, and they focused on various military applications at the beginning of the journey. Because the GENius is the most effective heat-exchanger in the world, they were approached by many leading international companies that produce appliances like dryers, de-humidifiers, etc. The inventors were about to reach an exit with these companies when I met them.

When we met, I asked if the GENius solution could be used to solve the world’s drinking water crisis. They said that it could, but it would require a totally different strategy and totally new products. When I heard this, I asked them how much they were being offered by the appliance companies, and when they told them, I made them a much better offer and took control of the company.

Since then, I have focused on one goal only: how to use the GENius technology and Watergen’s products and amazing team to completely solve the drinking water crisis. As a religious Jew, I believe that there is no greater service of God than to ensure that all of humankind is safe and cared for.

Yet unfortunately today, millions of children die every year because of diseases related to the lack of clean drinking water. And this crisis is worsening all the time –the biggest and most modern cities in the world like Tokyo and Madrid now have drinking water scarcity as well.

Our mission at Watergen is to completely solve this crisis through our unique solutions, and in a short time we have already made a great deal of progress, with distribution in more than 80 countries and growing all the time.

Since when your company produce the Watergen generator? How many products can be made yearly?

See above.

Since produced for first time, how many the Watergen generators have been sold? Which countries bought your product in large numbers?

We have sold thousands of the Gen-M and Gen-L products around the world, and with the launch of the automotive and consumer products this year, that number will soon reach the millions.

Is there any demand from Indonesia for the Watergen generator?

There is tremendous demand for our technology and products in Indonesia. While the country has plenty of water resources, unfortunately this water is polluted and not suitable for drinking. There is actually a very significant clean water shortage from Jakarta to very remote islands, and in order to access more water they are pumping underground – a phenomenon which is actually causing Jakarta to sink!

As a result, most Indonesians drink bottled water, which creates a tremendous amount of waste for the environment. Watergen’s solutions actually completely eliminate this plastic waste, and it also eliminates all of the carbon-intensive processes in the supply chain like shipping and trucking as well. So we are seeing a very high level of demand from Indonesia, from both the governmental and private sectors.

Do you have any plan to expand your business to Indonesia due to Indonesia is a huge country which has many areas hit by clean water shortage?

Indonesia is a huge country, and like you said there is a great deal of water scarcity there as in almost every other nation in the world. Watergen has already deployed its solutions in Indonesia, and we experience a great deal of excitement and interest from many different clients in both the governmental and private sectors.

Indonesia is definitely a target market for us, and we have found excellent local partners whom we are ready to assist in their efforts and activities to provide this technology, which so significantly contributes to the public's health and welfare.

Do you believe that your product is the best solution for drought areas?

Absolutely, Watergen is the best solution for drought areas because it is the solution that can be deployed immediately, without the need to establish any water infrastructure, and without any plastic bottles or waste. This means that with Watergen’s products, officials can bring the best quality drinking water from air to drought areas without the need to invest precious time and resources in laying pipes or trucking in water.

Our solutions can also be operated by generator or solar power, so that even if there is no central electrical grid, Watergen’s products can still be deployed and provide the best quality drinking water.

Regarding your products, do you satisfy with your achievements so far?

We have made an incredible impact with Watergen thus far, but it is only just the beginning. We can never be satisfied so long as even one human being does not have the drinking water access that he or she requires. Instead, we are pushing the frontier of guaranteed water access further and further each day, providing the most fundamental resource for human life to more and more people as time goes on.

What is your dream in the context of your products?

My vision is the full and complete solution of the drinking water crisis through the distribution and deployment of Watergen’s products on land, sea, and soon, air. Over the last few years, we have made significant progress in bringing drinking water from air to people in so many places like Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, China, India, Vietnam, South Africa, Cameroon, Sierre Leone, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, the Gaza Strip, the Persian Gulf, and many more.

I am completely confident that soon, Watergen’s devices will be in every home, office, automobile, and public place in order to ensure clean drinking water for all. Once this is done, no one will lack clean drinking water ever again.

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