Majority of the Afghan people prefer an Islamic government

"We acknowledge that all minorities shall have their rights. We have no problem with this. However, in Afghanistan, we have Sikh minority, not other. Shia are Muslims, they are not minority," said Suhail Shaheen.

30 Juni 2021 18:55

Taliban's spokesperson Suhail Shaheen has claimed majority of Afghanis prefer to a new Islamic goverment to replace the current Kabul Administration. That is the main target of Taliban to be reached through talks are currently underway in Doha, Qatar.  

"A new Islamic government which will be agreed upon as a result of negotiations will replace the current Kabul Administration," said Shaheen in an exclusive interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co via WhatsApp today. "The negotiations are aimed at reaching this goal."

Shaheen insisted Taliban have announced their position that all American and NATO forces, include Turkey, should withdraw from Afghanistan based on the Doha Agreement reached in February last year.

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Taliban have captured many areas in Afghanistan since the beginning òf the US and NATO forces withdrawal from ur country. Until today, how big the percentage of areas already occupied by Taliban?

Upto now, more than 120 districts all over the country have fallen to our administration.

Is the target of Taliban to capture all areas before reaching the agreement in intra-Afghan negotiation?

Military takeover is not our policy. We want to reach a negotiated solution. Security forces of the Kabul Administration joined us voluntarily because they no more trust the Administration and are tired of fighting. They came over to us through mediation of tribal elders and religious scholars.

By continuing to capture as many areas as can be done by Taliban, how does Taliban believe that policy will contribute positively to intra Afghan negotiation?

We are not capturing districts but as I said, the security forces are joining us voluntarily as result of successful talks and negotiations. However, for us, still the baseline is to reach solution through talks which are currently underway in Doha, Qatar.

Turkey insisted to control and run Kabul airport. If they reject to leave, will Taliban use forces to dispel them out of Afghanistan?

We have announced our position that all American and NATO forces should withdraw from Afghanistan as enshrined in the Doha Agreement. Leaving residual force in Afghanistan is continuation of the occupation.

We know Turkey is a great Islamic country and they know the sensitivity of any wrong decision. Hopefully, they will withdraw their forces as other NATO member countries are withdrawing theirs.

According to Taliban, what is Turkey's motive to control Kabul airport?

We don’t know exactly but ostensibly, they say to maintain security of the Kabul airport.

ISIS (ISKP) has claimed several attacks in Kabul. Will Taliban need international cooperation to fight against them once Taliban held power in Afghanistan?

Yes, it is true, they have carried out some attacks, specially on some civilian targets like a school in Kabul and the Kabul University but we are capable to confront them and eliminate them from Afghanistan. No need for any help.

Is there any pressure or intervention from Arab countries, like Saudi, UAE, or Qatar towards intra Afghan negotiation?

There is no pressure from Qatar or any other country.

What is Taliban's main target to be reached in intra Afghan negotiation? Is it to topple the current system?

The current government is installed by USA, ostensibly it was formed through a rigged elections. A new Islamic government which will be agreed upon as a result of negotiations will replace the current Kabul Administration. The negotiations are aimed at reaching this goal.

Does Taliban have a time table to reach conclusion in intra Afghan negotiation? What will be done if it failed?

We want a peaceful solution of Afghan issue as soon as possible but there is no time frame for that. The Afghan people are facing a lot of suffering and hardship, so an earliest solution is better and in every one's interest.

Once Taliban held power in Afghanistan, how will Taliban treat minorities group like Shia and Christians, and also women?

We acknowledge that all minorities shall have their rights. We have no problem with this. However, in Afghanistan, we have Sikh minority, not other.

Do you mean Sikh or Shia minority?

Sikh minority. Shia are Muslims, they are not minority.

How if the current government, some factions, or tribes refused the concept of an islamic government? Will Taliban pursue to govern Afghanistan alone?

Muslims constitute 99.9 percents of the people of Afghanistan. Majority of them see eye to eye on having an Islamic government. Maybe, a minuscule percentage who are working in higher slots of the current Kabul Administration oppose establoshment of an Islamic government, but they don't reflect the aspirations of the common people.

So, Taliban are very sure that an Islamic government prefered by majority of the Afghan people?



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