This will be the first Iranian delegation visit to Israel

The delegation consists of eight Iranian muslim dissidents and four US former officials. They will fly to Israel next Tuesday and will be there for three days.

18 Juli 2021 14:06

Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, maybe this is the first visit to Israel by an Iranian delegation, as claimed by Ellie Cohanim, former US Deputy Special Envoy to Combat Antisemitism.

The delegation, will fly to Tel Aviv next Tuesday, consists of eight Iranian muslims dissidents and also four former US offcials during President Donald Trump era, including Ellie. They will be in Israel for three days.

This visit organized by the US-based think thank group the Institute for Voice and Liberty chaired by Sam Kermanian. 

According to Ellie, they will also visit Israel's border areas with Gaza Strip in the south and with Lebanon in the north. "(This visit) showing solidarity with Israel and her citizens especially following the most recent conflict with Hamas, which is a proxy of the Iranian regime," said Ellie Cohanim in an exclusive interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co via Twitter today.


How important the first Iranian delegation which will visit Israel next week?

This delegation of Iranian Muslims is marking a historic first by visiting the Jewish state of Israel and showing solidarity with Israel and her citizens especially following the most recent conflict with Hamas, which is a proxy of the Iranian regime.

Whom Iranian officials will be met by the delegation during the visit?

We will be meeting with members of Israel’s foreign ministry, visit an IDF unit and hear from security experts. We will visit towns in the periphery of the Gaza Strip and the Northern border and learn first -hand how Iranian proxies Hamas and Hezbollah respectively, threaten Israelis and launch terrors attacks from Gaza and Lebanon.

How many members of the delegation and how many former US officials will be part also?

Number of delegates is eight. Former Trump Administration officials: 4

How many days they will be there?

The mission is three days.

That visit is own initiative or based on an invitation by Israel's Foreign Ministry?

This is completely of the delegation’s own initiative and desire to show solidarity with Israel as per the press release.

How about responses from Israeli side and regime in Iran about this visit?

No response from Iranian regime as far as we know but feel free to call them for comment!

The israeli Foreign ministry is welcoming the visit and will be Meeting with the delegation.

What is the exact date of the visit?

Tuesday starts

What message will be conveyed to the world after the visit?

These Iranian dissidents have told me that they wish to meet Israelis face-to-face, and let them know that the Iranian people look forward to a day coming soon when diplomatic relations will be re-established between a free Iran and Israel.

My own family’s experience is testament to the Iranian people’s deep relations with Iran’s Jews who trace back our ancestry in Iran and ancient Persian over 2500 years. In Tehran where I was born, my family was an integral part of the community, with warm relations with all of our neighbors no matter what our religions.

My family and I miss our homeland every day and our hearts are with our friends, neighbors and relatives who are still in Iran.

Why there are four former US officials, including you, in the delegation? Did they organise this visit?

No the organizers are iVOL as per the press release I hope that you will read it. We former Trump Administration officials have seen the benefits of the Abraham Accords for the region and believe that the Iranian people should also benefit from a “Cyrus Accords” peace deal inspired by Cyrus the Great.

Does this visit by Iranian dissidents to Israel will be annually agenda?

This is a historic first mission and we certainly hope that there will be more and continued direct relations between Iranians dissidents and the citizens of Israel.

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