The Ahwazi people fight for their independence from Iran

This revolution is not the first in Ahwaz and it will not be the last.

22 Juli 2021 22:04

Protests against the mullahs' regime in Iran have erupted since last Thursday in Khuzestan Province. Mass demonstrations spread in many cities, such as Susangerd, Khorramshahr, Ahwaz, and Izzah. This civil disobedience arose due to the lack of water in Khuzestan.

Ahwazi Arabs are an Arab community in Iran which resides mostly in the resource rich Khuzsstan Province in southwestern Iran bordering Iraq. This area is known as Ahwaz by the Arab community, and the capital of Khuzestan is Ahvaz. Ahwazi Arabs are the largest Arab community residing in Iran.

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the State of Ahwaz Dr. Arif al-Kaabi insisted not to use the word Khuzestan, but Ahwaz.

Al-Kaabi confirmed that the Ahwazis will continue their fight until they gain their independence from Iran.

"The history of Ahwaz is clear to all. Al-Ahwaz was a state called the Ka’abi State, and its last ruler was Prince Khazal al-Kaabi," said Arif al-Kaabi in an exclusive interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co via WhatsApp today. "What Iran did in 1925 was the breach of state covenants, and it was considered a brutal occupation with a British green light. Since that day, that is, April 20, 1925, our people have been striving to regain their rights."


Do you think that the current protest in Khuzestan will spread throughout Iran or will it localize there?

Yes, we believe that the blessed revolution in Al-Ahwaz was sparked by all other Iranian provinces, especially the provinces with a national character and minorities such as Baluchistan, Kurdistan and Azerbaijan, and they constitute more than half of the Iranian people. Therefore, the Ahwazi revolution started to continue.

But this depends on the leaders of these minorities at home and abroad. If there is coordination between inside and outside, as is the case in Ahwaz, surely the protests will expand to the capital ofTehran.

How can you be sure?

I did not say I am sure, I said we believe so, and that is through our previous experiences. Because this revolution is not the first in Ahwaz, and it will not be the last.

Therefore, it depends on the response of other minorities with us, especially the Mujahideen-e-Khalq and the royal movement abroad. They always say that they have a large popular base at home, so we hope that they will move their street until we relieve the security pressure on the Ahwaz revolutionaries. 

But so far we haven't seen anything.

If so, how long can the people of Ahwaz survive from bloodshed this time?

The revolution erupted more than eight days ago and continues, and the revolutionaries were able to liberate more than one city and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Do not forget that there are Iraqi militias, armed with light and heavy weapons, that entered our lands in support of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

But if we do not see rapid international pressure on the Iranian regime, nor do we see a move by the supporters of Maryam Rajavi, nor by the supporters of the son of the former Shah of Iran, in order to relieve our revolutionaries.

We will have two choices: continue and this costs us a lot of blood, because the Revolutionary Guards are determined to commit a massacre against our revolutionaries. Or do we negotiate with the regime and withdraw our right to blood?

So far, there is no pressure from major countries such as the US and Europe. Also there is no coverage from the big media. Do you think that this current revolution in Ahwaz will stop in the end?

The Ahwazi revolution has been going on since the day of the Iranian occupation of Ahwaz in 1925. But sometimes it stops for objective circumstances, and it is possible that the revolution will stop for sure if we lack international support and also the other parties of the opposition do not move.

But we will stop and the spark of revolution will start again. But surely if we stop, this stop will be tactical.

What did you do to win support from the major countries?

We in the executive branch of the Ahwaz state have done a lot to ensure that there is international protection for our peaceful revolution that came out in order to demand the return of drinking water to our Ahwazi cities. We have explained and we are still communicating and explaining to European, American and even Russian officials.

The demands of our people are peaceful and simple, but the regime is the one who wants to militarize the uprising in order to commit a crime against our defenseless people. This was and still is our message to the international community.

But did they respond to us and put pressure on the Iranian regime? Unfortunately not, and that is for many reasons that time does not seek for us to list here.

If the Iranian regime stops discriminating against the people of Ahwaz, will they stop demanding independence from Iran?

The subject is not discrimination. The issue is basic social, political, educational, cultural and economic rights, not to mention racial discrimination that transcends apartheid.

Ahwaz exports 80% of the Iranian gas and oil exported abroad. But in terms of infrastructure, jobs, capabilities and the level of education, they are in the end compared to the Persian provinces.

Again, Iran has embarked on a policy of satanism against us since 1925 until today, and cutting off the water came in this direction. Because they dried things up so that the Ahwazi citizens would migrate to the Persian depths and force them to go to our regions.

Being for the sake of demographic change in our land. These matters amount to war crimes that are prosecuted according to humanitarian law.

The United States and Israel are against the mullahs' regime in Iran, so is there any support from both countries for the people in Ahwaz?

Unfortunately, the administration of President Biden, since its arrival to the White House, raised the slogan of negotiations with the mullahs' ruling regime in Tehran. And they continued to give and take in this direction, hoping that the Iranian state would come to its senses and harmonize with the international community, but what we saw was the exact opposite.

Because the winner in the last Iranian elections is a person wanted by state justice because of his extermination of thousands of Iranian and Ahwazi people alike. Therefore, the Biden administration, whatever its main slogan was human rights.

But unfortunately, in order to reach an agreement on the Iranian nuclear file, it decided to look into Iran's crimes in Al-Ahwaz, the number of our repeated forums for it.

As for Israel, we have no relationship with its officials, and we did not ask them for help, nor did they offer us that.

Where and when you were born?

Ahwaz in 1970.

Why and when did you move from Iran to Belgium?

I left Ahwaz in the year 2000 and I moved to Brussels since that day.

I was a student at D University, Ahwazi and I had political activities like my compatriots and I was arrested several times by the Iranian intelligent service and therefore for that I fled. 

Did you already become a Belgium citizen?



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