We will allow Afghan girls and women to do anything they want as long as they wear hijab

"We are committed not to allow anyone to use the soil of Afghanistan against any country, including the United States," said Suhail.

27 Juli 2021 14:24

Taliban have evolved. This armed group is not like the old Taliban which one of its fighters shot Malala Yousafzai as she rode home on a bus after taking an exam in Pakistan's swat Valley on 9 October 2012.

Taliban's spokesperson Suhail Shaheen has stressed that once Taliban held power in Afghanistan, they will allow Afghan girls and women to do anything they want as long as they wear hijab. "They can go to school, they can go to work, they can watch sports game in stadium, they can ride, and they can drive a car, but they have to wear hijab," he said in an exclusive interview with Faisal Assegaf from Albalad.co via WhatsApp yesterday.

Suhail agreed that they have to massively socialize and campaign the new Taliban with its moderate Islamic views. But also he recognised Taliban are facing a big challenge from black propagandas spread by Western countries and international human rights organisation.

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How is Taliban response towards thousands of Afghanis fled Taliban after international forces started withdrawal?

First, these reports that thousands fled Taliban after withdrawal of international forces are fake and baseless. Such reports are filed by the Kabul regime for its politically-motivated goals.

Contrarily, people feel more safe after these areas came under our control. Our leadership have issued instructions that all schools, offices and markets should remain open and operational in these areas to serve people.

Does Taliban see that phenomenon as many Afghanis fearing if Taliban will come to power?

No, we don’t see such phenomenon. We have grassroots support and we are part of the people. They consider us as true sons of the land and freedom fighters.

A Taliban official in Russia last week said Taliban already occupied 85 percents of all Afghanistan areas. Is it confirmed?

Yes, it is true.

By stating that enhancement, does it mean Taliban will continue to occupy all areas, include Kabul?

Our policy is not military takeover but rather reaching a peaceful solution through intra-Afghan negotiations. However, if security forces of the Kabul Administration are coming over to our side to join us, we welcome them.

By international forces withdrawal, many are very concerned there will be civil war in Afghanistan after that. Does Taliban view like that?

We are having negotiations with the negotiations team from Kabul here in Doha. There was a two days meeting between our high level delegation by Mullah Baradar, the Deputy Amir, IEA and Head of the Political Office, and that from Kabul led by Abdullah Abdullah, Chief of the High Peace Council. Some progress was achieved in the meeting. The two sides agreed to continue their negotiations. We hope to reach tangible results in the coming meetings.

How does Taliban see cooperation between many popular militias and government forces to fight against Taliban?

These are not militias recruited from among people but are warlords and their followers who are taking up arms in order to protect their specific interests.

Does Taliban still hope for negotiation if fighting on ground keep growing intensified?

As I said , our policy is reaching a peaceful solution. To achieve that, we will continue negotiations with the other side’s team. We hope to obtain tangible results in future.

How does Taliban view foreign intervention on domestic development in Afghanistan, like Turkey and UAE?

According to the Doha Agreement, all forces should leave Afghanistan and the foreign occupation of Afghanistan should come to an end completely. Otherwise, any residual force remaining in Afghanistan will be considered occupation and the IEA Mujahideen will stand up to them.

Some foreign embassies has asked their citizens to leave Afghanistan recently, include Indonesia. Do you think they are pretty sure there will a civil war between Taliban against government forces and popular militias?

We have assured all embassies and diplomats that we are not going to target them. They are safe. So they should trust us and continue their normal and routine work.

If fighting against them continuing and no results from intra Afghan dialog, will Taliban occupy Kabul forcefully and declare as the winner after that.

We hope the intra-Afghan negotiations reach tangible results and we have an Afghan inclusive Islamic government in place as soon as possible.

Can you explain what kind of sharia will imposed against Afghan people once Taliban held power?

Sharia rules are well known. There are not various rules. The Afghan people want them because they see security of the country and prosperity of the people in implementation of Sharia rules.

Do you mean Taliban will allow Afghan women to go to school and to work for instances?

Hijab is a dress prescribed by Islam for women as in your country (Indonesia). We will allow Afghan girls and women to do anything they want as long as they wear hijab. They can go to school, they can go to work, they can watch sports game in stadium, they can ride, and they drive a car, but they have to wear hijab.

How will Taliban socialize about this moderate islamic views throughout Afghanistan?

We have to socialize (this moderate islamic views). The problem is there is a huge propaganda against us. They are spending millions of dollars to spread black propaganda.

How about current relations between Taliban and Al-Qaidah?

Our policy in Doha Agreement clearly said that we are committed not to allow anyone to use the soil of Afghanistan against any country, including the United States.

Wakil Perdana Menteri Pertama Afghanistan Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar menerima delegasi Kirgistan di Ibu Kota Kabul, 23 September 2021. (Albalad.co/Supplied)

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